When we talk about the Airtel night plan, we are referring to the internet packages made available by Airtel Nigeria to ensure that its subscribers enjoy affordable midnight browsing.

This is te reason why Airtel is popular among Millions of Nigerian subscribers as one of the best for offering the cheapest midnight browsing tariff anyone has ever seen.

The most amazing part of the Airtel night plan tariff is that you can subscribe to it as many times as you want and can in one night, depending on the usage, contrary to other network subscribers.

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This also means that the Airtel midnight plan can be renewed if exhausted, including after exhausting the initial 1.5GB. There is also a provision of 3GB for N100 per night.

airtel night plan

Over the years, there have been provisions from Airtel to its subscribers to enjoy amazing unlimited Airtel night data plans but has been stopped in a bid to be supplemented with another night plan, which on its own is also very considerably cheap and interesting, especially when going toe to toe with night plans from other networks.

So, through this article, we will give you a highlight on the steps required to activate the Airtel night plan, as well as the code required to subscribe for it. But, first, what is the Airtel night plan all about?

There is what we call, ‘Smart Trybe’. It is a kind of a tariff plan, which affords its users a very enjoyable midnight browsing at a very affordable rate. That is just to prove to you that the Airtel night plan tariff is the real deal.

This plan provides 500MB at a rate of just N25 for a night ranging from 12midnight to 5am, and 1.5GB at a rate of just N200, also from 12midnight to 5 am.

Subscription Code for Airtel Night Plan.

The subscription code for the Airtel night plan is simply *312#. You subscribe to Smart Trybe by dialing that code, except you are already subscribed to it, then you can now set your sights towards accessing the menu provided after dialing the code, then select some of its many deals of your choice.

Nevertheless, for the Airtel night plans subscriptions, you select option number 3 from the menu presented to you, then select 1 if you want to subscribe for that of 500MB, or 2 for that of 1.5GB, to enjoy nighttime web surfing.

Mind you, as we stated earlier, the criteria for the enjoyment of this Airtel night plan is that you must have been on a SmartTrybe plan, if you are not on the SmartTribe, you can migrate to it by simply dialing *312#. After that, you reply with 1 to confirm your migration. Then, you can now join other users to enjoy the Airtel night plan tariff.

Finally, we bring to you the different subscription codes for the different Airtel night plans. It will be left for you to choose the one that appeals most to you.

Airtel Night Plans and Subscription Codes.

Below are the different Airtel night plans and their respective codes;

500MB Night plan for N25.

To subscribe for 500MB for only N25

  • On your mobile device, Dial *312#
  • Select 3 to see all the SmartTrybe offers.
  • Select 1 to subscribe to the N25-500MB.

Mind you, the 500MB that is given to you is only valid from 12midnight to 5 am that same night.

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan.

You can subscribe to Airtel 3 hours unlimited night plan by dialing *481*2# at a rate of just N200. But, the subscription to this enviable plan expires after 3 hours of purchase. That is why it is called a 3hours unlimited night plan.

There is another unlimited plan, but this time it is for 6 hours, which comes at a rate of N500. For easy subscription, dial *481*1#. Meanwhile, these unlimited night plans can only last or are valid from 12midnight to 6 am daily.

Steps to Activate the Airtel 1GB and N25 for 250MB.

  • Step 1: migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe by dialing *312#, then reply with 1.
  • Step 2: dial *312#. Then reply 1 or 2 for any plan of your choice as shown below.
  • Reply 1 for 250MB for N25
  • Reply 2 for 1GB for N500 (Night Plan from 12midnight to 5 am)

How to Check Airtel Data Balance on Android.

We have the Airtel for 2GB and Airtel for 4.5GB as the most popular balance plans. Then, you can now talk about other smaller subscriptions which are;

  • 30MB – 1day – N100 – you check data balance using the code *410#
  • 500MB – 14days – N500 – for balance, dial *418#
  • 5GB – 30days – N1000 – for balance, dial *496#
  • 2GB – 30days – N2000 – simply dial *438# for balance
  • 3GB – 30days – N3000 – check balance with *437#
  • 5GB – 30days – for balance, dial *439#

Final Conclusion.

You must understand the basic features of the Airtel night plan and the conditions surrounding its usage so that you won’t have to feel betrayed or disappointed for being stopped at some point.

You must understand that the night plan is valid just for midnight browsing, and the data you subscribed to can only be used in the night also, from 12midnight to 5 am to be precise.

Also, you won’t be able to browse if along the line your data expires during the midnight browsing.

Continue to stay with us often as we give you updates on subscriptions and other valuable information.

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