Have you heard of Zonkewap? If you have not, then I’ll have the pleasure of introducing to you, the Zonkewap Mobile app. Zonekewap is made specifically for Mobile users! Especially those using the Java phones, Symbian and Android smartphones.
Zonkewap is a free mobile wap site that is 80% built and designed by Waptrick. The main purpose of Zonkewap is to give mobile phone users, a free platform to download Games, Mp3 music, mobile Apps and Videos to their devices for free.
So are you interested? If yes, then continue reading, as I open your eyes to a whole new world of amazing Music, games and trendy Movie series you can’t see elsewhere.
If you have been searching for a mobile-friendly wapsite where you can download tons of music, videos, wallpapers, games, and themes for free, Zonkewap is perfect for you.
But there are other amazing Wapsites you can check and download Music, Games, Movies from. I’ll recommend sites like Wapdam, Kickwap, HotWap, and ToxicWap.
One of the major reasons why I personally use this website is because Zonkewap provides you with a Mobile friendly platform that offers you the following;
• Free access to download Movies series,
• Download Java, Symbian, and Android games,
• Unlimited Videos in English, Hindi, and hundreds of other Languages.
• Beautiful HD Wallpapers,
• ZonkeWap Music.
This platform is one of the best wapsite that I have ever come across, that allows users to download tons of files without any charges or stupid ads.
Are you aware that Zonkewap was created in South African? Caught you there, right?
Zonkewap gives you free access to download music, videos, wallpapers and games in their database, which is always and regularly updated.
This wapsite has a very similar offer like Amazon since it gives you free access to all download on the portal.
On this platform, users have access to play Android games, download themes and watch videos online.
However, for those who don’t like downloading Apps on their phone, you can also visit the website, www.zonkewap.com and start enjoying everything there for free.
This platform is dedicated majorly for free Videos, which includes both hip-hop and R&B music download for mobile users.
Some users have claimed that Zonkewap.com is their #1 best choice and source for free mobile games, Android games, 3gp videos, full mp4 films, photos, and wallpapers.

Zonkewap Music Download

Aware that there are Millions of music on Zonkewap? Well, unlike Itunes, you can download them for free. You can download mp3 music and also sound effects from this website, which is even more amazing.
This site is usually updated with the latest music so that users can get their favorite music for free.
Here is the best guideline on how you can download music on Zonkewap.com.

How to Download Zonkewap Music/ new music

Open your web browser and visit the official platform. You can also click HERE to visit the platform.
• When the portal loads up, proceed and select the music section.
• Click on the music categories you wish to download e.g rap, romantic music, instrument music, hip-hop etc.
• You can proceed and choose the music of your choice and click on the download button.

Download ZonkeWap Ringtones

Downloading Ringtones from Zonkewap to your Java phone, Symbian or Android is easy. To download ringtones, animal-like songs, simply click on the music section and select “Ringtones” to download it.

Zonkewap Games Free Download

Zonkewap offers you amazing games you can’t even have imagine. This wapsite provides users on their platform with Hundreds of thousands of available games to play from your mobile, including games for Java, Symbian, Android and iPhone, etc.
Some of the games you could get on the platform are as follows;
• Action,
• Cars,
• Strategy,
• Casinos,
• Cards and lots more.
To download any games on this platform is easy. Just visit the website or better still, download the mobile app to download a series of games.

How to Download Zonkewap Mobile App

The first step to downloading Zonkewap Mobile App is this. Simply launch your app store and input the name of the app on the search engine.
When you see the Mobile App which you’ve searched, all you need to do, is to click on the download button and wait for the app to download on your device.
After downloading the app, install it and you’re done.

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