MTN Data plan is, here again, I will be honest here, in previous years, MTN data plans have been quite expensive, which made it easier for people to migrate to Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile.

MTN Nigeria is part of the MTN Group, which is among the top 3 Africa’s leading cellular telecommunications company. On the 6th of May, 2001, MTN became the first GSM network to make a call following the globally lauded Nigerian GSM auction, which was conducted by the Nigerian Communications Commission earlier in 2001. After completing this feat, the company launched full commercial operations beginning with Nigeria’s foremost and busiest cities, which are Lagos, FCT Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

However, the game is changing as MTN Nigeria is springing out the best data bundles and plans with the cheapest rates. In 2020, anyone who said MTN data bundles are expensive, don’t know the right place to get the best and cheapest mtn data plans for their device.

mtn data plan

Like other networks in Nigeria, MTN offers her users Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly internet packages to choose from. Most people complain their network is cheating them, etc. It is very important to note this, when buying a data package from any network of your choice, ensure you choose a data plan that meets your needs.

If you are a light internet surfer, Medium or heavy internet users, it is easier for you to choose the package of your choice from these data plans offered by MTN.

How Much MTN Charges Without Data Bundles.

Do you know how much MTN Nigeria charges you when you don’t have an active internet package? MTN is currently billing her users who don’t have any active data plans, 5 kobos/kb for pay as you go browsing. Browsing on a pay as you go plan is too expensive.

This is why I recommend all users to select the best bundle that meets their needs, it offers more value for money.

mtn data bundles

Want More Information on MTN Data Plans in Nigeria?

If you want more details on internet packages offered by this network, there is a dedicated USSD to dial and get all the required information. If you need more guides or information about MTN Data Plans in Nigeria, just dial *131# on your MTN line and follow the guides that pop up on your device.

MTN Data Plan Prices.

To immediately start your subscription, Here are the current working MTN data plan and their prices.

  • MTN Android One Plan

This internet package is for Infinix Hot 2, 1GB data (24/7 30 days) – 500 Naira (promotional)* Please take note that this bundle does not work on any device, except the Infinix Hot 2 smartphone.

  • MTN Cheap Browsing for Mobile.

Want the cheapest Mtn data plan for mobile phones? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here is the mtn cheap browsing plan for smartphones. You can subscribe to the MTN 1.5GB (24/7 30 days), which costs only – 1000.

However, I very much preferred the MTN 3.5GB for mobile data plans, which costs only 2000.

There are lots of MTN internet packages which may interest you, and they include:

  • 3.5GB MTN mobile data plan (24/7 30 days) – 2000
  • 10GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – 5,000
  • 22GB MTN data plan (24/7, 30 days) – 10,000
  • 50GB MTN data plan (24/7, 60 days) – 20,000
  • 85GB MTN data plan (24/7, 90 days) – 50,000
  • MTN Daily data plan for mobile, 30MB (24 hours) – 100
  • 750MB MTN Weekly data plan for mobile (24/7, 7 days) – 500
  • MTN Daily data plan, 100MB (24 hours) – N200

Activation codes for MTN Data Subscription.

You have seen the above MTN Data plans and internet packages, including their duration and prices. Now, here their activation codes.

Please follow the instruction below carefully to activate any MTN browsing bundle of your choice. Take note of the subscription code

  • MTN Cheap Browsing Plan for Mobile, 1.5GB (24/7 30 days) – text 106 to 131
  • MTN 3.5GB mobile data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 110 to 131
  • 10GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 116 to 131
  • 22GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 117 to 131
  • 50GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 118 to 131
  • 85GB MTN data plan (24/7 30 days) – text 133 to 131
  • MTN Daily data plan for mobile, 30MB (24 hours) – SMS 104 to 131
  • 750MB Weekly browsing for mobile, 750MB – text 103 to 131
  • MTN Daily data plan, 100MB – text 113 to 131

How to MTN data subscription balance.

To check your MTN browsing data balance, simply SMS 2 to 131.

MTN Night Browsing Internet Packages.

With MTN, surfing the internet becomes exciting, as you can surf the internet 24/7. MTN Night browsing has been stopped. MTN Weekend data plan, which used to be active throughout the weekend from 9 pm on Friday to 6 am on Monday is still suspended.

As we all know, technology is improving at a fast rate, and since almost everyone has a mobile smartphone or tablet, there is absolutely no need for plans like the MTN Night plan and the weekend browsing. Even at work, you can surf the internet with your smartphone/tablet, so it makes absolute sense for this plan to be scraped out anyways.

How To Activate MTN Internet Browsing Settings.

During the early days of the internet, accessing the web proves to be quite difficult, since it is hard to find anyone who can correctly fix the browsing settings, however, this has been resolved.

MTN internet services can be accessed with various devices, including an internet-enabled mobile phone, an Internet modem, or an Internet router. You can browse with the mobile phone directly or use it as a modem through wifi to connect your desktop or laptop to the internet using a data cable/USB or Bluetooth.

To get your 3G/3.5G/GPRS settings automatically, simply text SETTINGS to 3888 on an MTN Nigeria mobile phone.

However, for those who are in need of the manual settings, you can use the manual configuration settings below.

MTN Nigeria Configuration Settings.

Account name: MTN GPRS
Access point name (APN):
IP Address:
Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)
Username: web
Password: web

Port 8080 is recommended except if your mobile phone supports only WAP.

Although, if you decide to buy a device, either smartphone, Modem from an MTN service center, it will be pre-loaded with MTN internet settings.

The 3.5G FastLink USB modem, which costs about ₦8,000 from MTN, is compatible with 3G/EDGE/GPRS. According to Ads on the MTN official portal, MTN Nigeria offers a whopping 6 months free data to anyone who purchased this modem. However, this current offer is not valid anymore.

MTN Wi-fi Router.

MTN is offering a portable Wi-Fi router that enables you to share your internet access with up to five Wi-Fi devices within a 10m range. The portable Wi-Fi hotspot is called MTN Mi-Fi, which will cost you about ₦25,000 to get.

However, this Mtn wifi router comes with a 3GB free internet browsing bundle. To activate your MTN free Mi-Fi bundle, text MIFI to 131.

MTN 1.5GB Data Plan.

MTN 1.5GB Data plan (This data plan was the previous MTN 100MB, 200MB, and 260MB internet packages). The 100MB, 200MB, and 260MB are all rolled into one, which is the MTN 1.5GB data plan. This MTN data plan offers 24/7 internet access for 30 days at the whopping price ₦1,000.

The cap is set and limited to 1.5GB data. MTN 1.5GB data plan is best for users using their mobile phones to surf the internet.

To ensure you enjoy the full benefits of this MTN data Plan, I seriously advice you to surf the internet using a browser like the UC Browser or UC Mini. However, I very much preferred using the Google Chrome browser, since it is much more matured and offers better content viewing, etc. Though it zaps data.

How to Activate MTN 1.5GB Data Plan.

To activate the 1.5GB internet browsing bundle, simply SMS 106 to 131. Please note that this data works on all devices, Smartphones like Android, iPhone, Modems, PC, or laptop. However, if you are using this internet package on your laptop or desktop, expect it to last more than a week except you are on a slow network or surf the internet occasionally.

To save bandwidth, I will advise you to stop all automatic updates of your device Operating systems and Antivirus. If your antivirus allows you to set a frequency of updates, set it to daily (24 hours/1440 minutes).

10GB MTN Data Plan.

This internet package from MTN is probably the best for browsing on your laptop or desktop. If you are using this package on your mobile phone, I sincerely don’t know what you want to do with it. Except you are streaming live videos or watch movies online.

The MTN 10GB internet package offers active subscribers, 24/7 (always on) Internet access for a duration of 30 days, at a price of ₦5,000. The MTN Data Plan is limited to 10GB data (formally 5GB) per month.

How to Activate/Subscribe to MTN 10GB Plan.

To active the mtn 10gb internet bundle which comes with a validity period of 30 days, all you need to do is to SMS 116 to 131.

To ensure your activation is successful, ensure you have at least ₦5,000 on your sim card balance before activating. Once you have successfully activated this plan, ₦5,000 will automatically be deducted from your MTN sim card account. The 10GB MTN data plan is recommended for heavy users on high-speed (3G/HSDPA) coverage.

Note, ensure you don’t use a 2G/GPRS/EDGE Modem with this bundle, you will simply cry since it works like a snail. Get a 3G modem and enjoy this bundle.

MTN 24 hour internet Data Plan.

Well, unlike some adverts I have come across, the MTN 24hours plan has a limitation. The 24 hours browsing bundle from MTN offers users, a daily internet data plan. This internet browsing bundle gives all MTN subscribers, the ability to pay daily for 100MB internet access.

You pay for this service any day you want to browse the internet for the next 24hours. Just pay N100 any day you want to browse and you will get 24 hours internet browsing access from MTN, and the package comes with a 100MB data limit.

The 24 hours MTN data plan surely holds an appeal to all customers who currently spend a few hours a week browsing the internet in cyber cafes, or surf the internet with computer/pc/Laptop at home/office. This package is quite good since it comes cheap and convenient.

However, if you are surfing the internet 24/7, you may find it very expensive, because once you’ve used up to 100MB, your internet connection is cut off and you can’t open any page on the internet. This internet service is available to all MTN prepaid users only.

How to Activate MTN Daily Data Plan.

To active the daily MTN data Plan, you are required to SMS 103 to 131 on any day you want to browse the internet. But you must have at least ₦100 on your sim card balance before you activate this plan. Internet access will be available for 24 hours and will also be – limited to 100MB.