I once wrote an article, detailing how you can borrow Airtime from Airtel for our Nigerian readers, Since it was welcomed by the Fans, i decided to write on this topic, but on a larger scale.

I want to show you, how you can borrow Airtime from the Ten (10) Airtel Approved Africa Countries and other Other countries, including India, Singapore, etc.

How to Borrow Airtime From Airtel Nigeria.

Extra Credit is a credit advance service for prepaid customers. To get this service, you Dial *500#. Use the method below and know how to borrow airtime from airtel


Customers will be required to repay the credit loan within three days. The airtime can be used to make calls to other networks. This service is open to all subscribers who have been on the Airtel network for at least three months.

Service fee.

Advance Denom (NGN)

Amount Charged

Loan Amount (NGN)
Amount You’ll Get

Service fee (NGN)






















How to Borrow Airtime From Airtel Kenya.

Kopa Credo

Just in case you are not aware, the Airtel Kopa Credo just got bigger and better for all Airtel Subscribers from Kenya! You can now borrow airtel airtime without going through stress like previous times.

For all Airtel prepaid subscribers, you now have access to ask for an advance on airtime to buy or subscribe to any Airtel product or service without any restrictions! With the Airtel loan, you can make calls, send SMS, buy internet bundles, etc.

Code to Borrow Airtime on Airtel Kenya

To take the airtel loan, you are required to simply dial the USSD short code *310#. Once you’ve borrow an advance on airtime to do the following;

1. Buy your favorite Airtel internet bundles,
2. You can make internal calls & SMS,
3. With the airtel loan, you can make the needed local calls & SMS to any network.

With the Airtel loan, you’ll never have to be disconnected due to low airtime balance again.

One of the best thing about this service, is that it gives you access to purchase anything on Airtel. You are required to pay back your borrowed airtime when you recharge next time. You will be charged a total of 10% service fee of the amount borrowed, including the amount.

If you borrow KES 100, on your next recharge, you will be required to pay KES 110.

AIRTEL KUTAPA – Airtel Loan from Airtel Malawi

Malawi airtel KUTAPA

Yes, the Airtel Kutapa is available for all Malawians using on Airtel! Are you out of airtime, but need to make an important call? Local or international? Want to do something important on the Internet but out of Data bundles?

Then use the Airtel loan services! With the Airtel Loan service, you’ll never need to be stranded again. The Airtel Kutapa is here to make that urgent and important call.

What is Airtel Kutapa?

This is a newly introduced Service that gives all Airtel customers in Malawi, the opportunity and chance to borrow airtime from the Network. The airtime you borrowed is payable on the next reload or recharge you Made. You can borrow airtime anytime and anywhere in Malawi using any of the special dial numbers, also called Airtel loan numbers.

Airtel Loan Dial Numbers

Dial*533*50# to borrow K50
Dial*533*100# to borrow K100
Dial*533*200# to borrow K200
Dial*533*500# to borrow K500
Dial*533*1000# to borrow K1000
Dial*533*2000# to borrow K2000

Amount to Pay Back

*If you borrow K50, you pay back K5 extra
*If you borrow K100, you pay back K10 extra
*If you borrow K200, you pay back K20 extra
*If you borrow K500, you pay back K50 extra
*If you borrow K1000, you pay back K100 extra
*If you borrow K2000, you pay back K200 extra

Important Information

• To be eligible and qualified to borrow airtime, you need to be on the airtel network for at least 3 months (90 days)
• Borrowing Airtime is open ONLY to airtel Malawi Prepaid Subscribers.
• Before you can borrow the airtime credit, you’ll need NOT to have airtime credit.
• Before borrowing the Airtime, you SHOULD not have more than MK10 at the time of borrowing.
• The goodnews about the Kutapa airtime, is that it can be used for local and International voice calls, sms, Caller Ring Back Tones and Internet bundles.

How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel Rwanda

how to borrow airtime from Airtel rwanda

For all Airtel customers in Rwanda, who wishes to borrow Airtime, here is the full code to dial. Please all subscribers should take note that they can NOW borrow airtime and pay back later.

How to Borrow Airtime From Airtel Rwanda

The first step you need to get started, is to dial *151#.

GET Airtel Credit Loan From Airtel Tanzania

Now, all Tanzanians can borrow Airtime from Airtel and make any urgent calls, both locally and Internationally. Good news reaching our news desk today, is that the Airtel Tanzania has introduced a new service called

Airtel Tanzania Credit Loan Service

The Airtel credit loan service is open for all Tanzanians using the Airtel Network.

This is one question my readers are always asking. This newly introduced service allows you to request for airtime when you have run out of airtime, and it’s available and accessible from any part of the country. Once you take this loan, you are required and expected to pay back on your next recharge within a specified period of time, so you can be eligible to participate in the Airtel Tanzania credit loan service.

If you take the loan and didn’t pay back within the specified period given to you, your simcard might be barred from taking the credit loan from Airtel Tanzania.

How can I Be Eligible for this Service?
To be qualified for the credit loan service, you need to have purchased and register your simcard for the past 3 months. To be eligible for this service, you are expected to be an Airtel Subscriber for at least 3months. In addition, you have to be a loyal and consistent subscriber who always recharge his/her simcard.

Code to borrow airtime from airtel
The code which you can use to borrow airtime from Airtel is shown below.

Dial *149*44# on your mobile or any device you are using. Please take note that dialing this code will provide denomination amount you are qualified for. Select denomination of your choice and proceed.

The credit loan can be used to call other networks, including making International calls and surfing the internet. Airtel is committed to providing the best, affordable and comfortable service to all her customers.

Airtel Rs. 10 Talktime Loan

To all our readers residing in India, your guess is as right as mine, Airtel India is offering an Rs. 10 talktime loan to all subscribers. You can get the Rs.10 Talktime Loan if your mobile balance is less than Rs. 5. However, once your loan is successful, on your next recharge, Rs. 10 would be deducted.

Airtel Talktime Loan: Dial *141# > Take Adv Talktime / Ask TT


For our readers residing in India, who wants to take Airtel Loan for Talktime advance, should note the following listed below.

Airtel company in India has officially made it public, that the company is providing an instant loan service to all its prepaid customers. However, there are some requirements before your loan is approved. If your main account balance in your Airtel prepaid connection reaches less than Rupees five, then you can request for an instant loan of Rs. 50, Rs. 30 and Rs. 10.

To be eligible and qualified for the advance talk time loan, you should note that there are certain requirements you must pass through.

1. The most important rule for borrowing airtime is that your simcard should be 3 months old prepaid account.
2. You should not have a previous loan amount on your simcard.

Once you are clear of the 2 requirements above, you are qualified for the Airtel loan and Advance Talktime.

How to Borrow Airtime

To request for the Advance talktime loan, dial *141*10# into your mobile phone or device, proceed and press down your call button.

Once you have dialed the Airtel loan USSD code or number, a menu will be displayed on your mobile screen with three loan options, and they are:
Rupees 50,
Rupees 30,
Rupees 10.

Please ensure that you choose your loan amount and finally enter 1 to confirm your loan amount.

Important Note:

The charges are shown below.

Once you made the request and you decided to pay back, here is how you will be charged.

You will be charged with Rs. 55 for 50 rupees loan,
You will be charged with Rs. 34 for 30,
You will be charged with Rs. 12.5 for taking Rupees 10 loan.

All these charges will be made in your Airtel prepaid account in India.

Airtel Bangladesh – GET Airtel TalkTime Advance Loan

airtel Bangladesh - GET Airtel TalkTime Advance Loan

Airtel is an absolutely great telecommunication network, that have provided Bangladesh with 5 star rated services. Airtel is the fastest growing telecommunications operator in Bangladesh, and they provide the country with a nationwide network, which includes a 3G data services.

How to Get Airtel Bangladesh Emergency Balance

The next time you want to make an Emergency call, be it local or international, want to connect to the internet but lack fund, then don’t stress yourself. I take the pleasure of introducing you, to the Airtel emergency loan. Now you can get talktime and internet emergency balance anytime, anywhere!

Just Dial *141# or*141*10# (direct), or Dial 20141 to get started.

Talk Time Loan

Loan type User Eligibility Benefit Service fee (Tk.) First recovery attempt
Tk 5 90 days Tk 5
added to customer’s main account
Tk 1
fee will be recovered with benefit after 24 hours
24 hours after loan credited
Tk 10 150 days Tk 10
added to customer’s main account
Tk 2
fee will be recovered with benefit after 24 hours
24 hours after loan credited

Internet Loan

Loan type Validity of benefit User Eligibility Benefit Service fee (Tk.) First recovery attempt
10 MB internet Availing Day 90 days 10MB 2 24 hours after loan credited
20 MB internet Availing Day + 2 150 days 20MB 4 24 hours after loan credited

SMS Loan

Loan type Validity of benefit Eligibility Benefit Service fee (Tk.) First recovery attempt
25 SMS Availing Day 90 days 25 SMS 1 24 hours after loan credited
75 SMS Availing day + 1 day 150 days 75 SMSB 2 24 hours after loan credited

Important Information
All interested persons should take note that before asking for the Airtel loan, the Maximum balance allowed for taking any emergency balance will be 4.99tk, if you have above this balance, your request won’t be successful.

If you had a previous loan you have taken and yet to pay, you won’t be allowed to take another emergency money, till the previous one is paid.

Your loan will be charged on your next recharge. However, if the customer doesn’t recharge within the first 24 hours after taking the loan, the system is built in such a way, that it will start recovery after first 24 hours is over.

All Airtel Bangladesh subscribers should take note that the recovery of your loan ONLY happens to the extent that a minimum of Tk.1 is left in customer’s balance.

Hope this help all Airtel subscribers round the world, to know how they can borrow Airtime from Airtel, using their country specified dialing code.

God Bless You.