If you have never strayed away from your main sport of betting, it’s time to do so. Entering new sports categories at Melbet allows you to have fun and find more interesting and profitable strategies. For example, we can recommend tennis, and both men’s and women’s matches have a lot to offer. Men’s tennis is considered to be more forceful, protracted, while the psychology of sportswomen is often in the first place in women’s tennis. All this can be skillfully applied to your tennis predictions. 


To beat the bookmaker often, it is not enough to just watch tennis matches from time to time. You will need to come up with your own predictions based on the analytics made, watch the history of performances between each other, individually, on a particular surface. It is quite convenient to go to tennis in live, as it is the sport, the rules of which dispose to comebacks. You should authorize under your account and on the application in your smartphone for convenience, as then the management of bets will take place anywhere.

Peculiarities of predicting tennis matches at Melbet

Since it is quite difficult to study women’s or men’s matches at the same time, it makes sense to focus on one thing only. For example, you can choose men’s tennis matches and bet on them at Melbet. Then, it is worth studying the character of the game of the current athletes more closely. There are players with great defense, with serve, who make a lot of mistakes, and who like to take risks. All these factors make up an approximate picture of the future tennis match.

If you roughly understand how a tennis match will end, then bet money on such outcomes:

  1. Winner of the match, winner with the indication of a handicap by games or sets. The second option is rated higher.
  2. Prediction of total statistics, for example, whether the selected match will have a third set.
  3. Prediction of individual statistics, namely the percentage of serves or the number of aces.

You need to understand the difference between women’s and men’s tennis at Grand Slam tournaments. Men play up to five sets at major tournaments. Women at all tournaments play a maximum of three sets without exception. The tie-break rules may also differ, so all these rules should be studied before placing a bet. Otherwise, your prediction may not work due to a mistake. Always look at the type of court – some tennis players play very badly on dirt or grass.

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