One fact Nigerian students need to understand is that getting their UK student Visa approved isn’t that easy, and going to study in the United Kingdom (UK) without a scholarship is very expensive. Thank God for Scholarships in UK programmes that reduce the cost to almost nothing.

Studying in the United Kingdom is easily, one of the biggest academic dreams for millions of Nigerian Students. Even though many Nigerian students are going through a lot trying to accomplish their educational goals and fulfil their overseas education dream.

This dream is no hidden secret to these first-world countries and their world-class academic institutions, prompting the UK government to come up with various scholarship programs to fund their education.

List of Available UK Scholarship for nigerian students

The United Kingdom (UK) government’s gesture shows how much they value education, and their warm policies for International students (Nigerian students inclusive) have made them one of the topmost destinations for Nigerian students seeking to study abroad.


The UK government’s policies for Nigerian students welcome them into their country to get quality and world-class education and to help them have a strong academic foundation to commence and have established careers successfully.

List the Available Scholarship Opportunities in UK.

This is the current list containing all Available scholarship programmes for the 2024/2025 academic session. The United Kingdom government scholarship programs have paved the way for Nigerian students to access various course certificates.

The UK government has rolled out different types of scholarship programs, including, but not limited to fully-funded, partially-funded, and skill-based scholarships catering to the financial needs of aspiring Nigerian students.

Below are the 2024/2025 current UK scholarships that are either fully funded or partially funded for all kinds of study programs with the exact scholarship amount.

S.No Name of the Scholarship Eligibility Amount in GBP
1. British Chevening Scholarships for International Students Postgraduate Program GBP 18,000
2. Commonwealth Masters Scholarships Masters and PhD GBP 15,960
3. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarship Masters Program GBP 48,000
4. A.S Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship Masters Degree Varies according to the courses.
5. Felix Scholarships Postgraduate Program GBP 78,840
6. Rhodes Scholarship Postgraduate Program GBP 59,490
7. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships Postdoctoral Fellowship GBP 1400
8. Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships Doctoral Degrees No specific amount
9. Inlaks Scholarships Masters, MPhil or Doctorate Program GBP 76,828
10. Scotland Saltire Scholarships Masters Program GBP 8000


Take note that this page contains ONLY the most popular and rewarding UK scholarships for Nigerian students in 2024/2025. These UK scholarships are given for each study program.

Nigerian students who are interested in these UK Scholarships for Nigerian students are advised to learn and do adequate research on each of these available UK scholarships to know how well they can financially benefit from the program, and the additional amounts they need to study and live in the United Kingdom (UK).

Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students in UK.

S.No Name of the Scholarship Eligibility Amount in GBP
1. Simmons University Kotzen Scholarships UG GBP 3000
2. GEMS International Undergraduate Scholarships UG GBP 2000
3. University of Bristol Think Big Scholarship UG GBP 20,000
4. Goldsmith International Response Scholarship UG GBP 8,825
5. University of Exeter Undergraduate Scholarships UG GBP 15,000
6. Westminister Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships UG GBP 5000
7. The Marshall Scholarships UG GBP 8,825

Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students in UK.

S.No Name of the Scholarship Eligibility Amount in GBP
1. University of Reading Masters Scholarship Masters GBP 5000
2. Cardiff University Elite International Scholarships Masters GBP 3000
3. Queen’s University Belfast International Scholarships Masters GBP 2400
4.  Marshall Scholarships Masters GBP 30,000
5. University of Edinburgh Global Scholarships Masters GBP 1000 – GBP 15,000
6. Clarendon Scholarships by the University of Oxford Masters GBP 15,009
7. Castlesmart Scholarships Masters GBP 6000
8. Chevening Scholarships UK Masters GBP 18,000
9. Gates Cambridge Scholarship Masters GBP 17,848
10. University of East Anglia Scholarship Masters GBP 4000


MBA Scholarships in UK.

S.No Name of the Scholarship Eligibility Amount in GBP
1. MBA Visionary Scholarship by the University of Strathclyde MBA GBP 5000
2. Commonwealth Masters Scholarships MBA GBP 15,960
3. GREAT Scholarships MBA GBP 10,000
4. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships MBA GBP 1400
5. Inlaks Scholarships MBA GBP 76,828
6. Felix Scholarship MBA GBP 15,840
7. The Cranfield Trust Scholarships MBA GBP 36,000
8. Chevening Scholarship MBA GBP 18,000
9. IKOS Scholarships MBA GBP 40,000
10. Women in Leadership Scholarship MBA GBP 14,926


PhD Scholarships in UK for International Students

S.No Name of the Scholarship Eligibility Amount in GBP
1. The Royal Society Grants PhD GBP 41,340
2. Imperial College London President’s PhD Scholarship PhD GBP 21,800
3. The Newton Bhabha Fund PhD Varies according to Courses
4. Goa Education Trust Scholarships PhD GBP 251
5. Carnegie PhD Scholarships PhD GBP 17,400
6. Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarships in the Humanities PhD GBP 90,750
7. Gates Cambridge Scholarships PhD GBP 17,848
8. Saltire Scholarships PhD GBP 8000
9. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships PhD GBP 1400
10. Euraxess Scholarships PhD GBP 17,500

Universities in UK for International Students Scholarships

S.No Name of the University Name of the Scholarship Eligibility Amount in GBP
1. University of Edinburgh Edinburgh Doctoral College Scholarship Doctoral Program GBP 15,609
2. Coventry University Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program GBP 1500
3. University of West London University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships Undergraduate and Postgraduate program GBP 5000
4. University of Cambridge Gates Cambridge Scholarships PhD GBP 17,848
5. University of the Arts London UAL Vice Chancellor’s Postgraduate International Scholarships Masters Program Both GBP 5000 and GBP 25,000


How to Get Scholarship in UK for 2024?

The United Kingdom (UK) government has introduced various scholarship programmes for Nigerian and International students through its different governing bodies, private universities, Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other private welfare bodies to oversee and award scholarships.

What you need to understand is this, there is no shortage of financial programmes for Nigerian students to aim for their higher education through scholarship awarding programmes. Students seeking these financial aids should keep their eyes open reach out to as many available opportunities and find the correct destination to apply for the scholarships successfully.

Here, I’ll be sharing with you, the easiest steps to apply for UK scholarships. The most important thing Nigerian students applying for scholarships need to know about applying for UK Scholarship is this: Only if the university accepts your application for admission, that is when you WILL BE eligible to apply for the scholarships offered by their university.

How to Apply for UK Scholarships for Nigerian Students.

  • Take note that once your admission application is confirmed, the next step is to start looking for scholarships according to your merit score.
  • Search and know when the Scholarship program deadline is.
  • Next, check out for other additional requirements. You should attach, if required, your academic transcripts along with the scholarship application.
  • Submit a Letter of Reference.
  • Submit a Statement of Intent or Statement of Purpose.
  • Lastly, submit your scholarship application.

Final Conclusion.

One thing I would love to say here is this, studying in the UK is not as easy as we think or some blogs are making it out to be. Studying in the UK as a Nigerian student through scholarships requires lots of hard work and the intelligence to score high in your secondary or tertiary level of education before your scholarship request can be granted.

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