Today, I’ll love to share with you, the roundup of some of the best face swap apps using the latest technology that’ll help replace your face with that of a celebrity or anyone of your choice, and the final result. You’ll be shocked!

Have you ever wondered how on God’s green earth people on Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc replace their face with that of another person, or sometimes, replace their face with that of an object, creating humorous and entertaining images and videos? If this is what you want, welcome. Because I’ve gathered the current best face swap apps with the highest resolution quality, making the face swap easy to believe and the same time, beautiful.

These are the best available Face Swap App options in the mobile market that you won’t regret.

I’ve seen countless profile pics and most times, the profile pics are face swapped, and one tends to perceive these type of users as jovial, welcoming, etc. Personally, Face swapping has become one of my favourite pastimes, and I’ve noticed this among many smartphone users, with numerous apps available to help them create funny images and even videos

It really does not matter whether you’re looking to swap faces with your friends, favourite celebrities, or even your pets, there’s always an app that is ready to help you accomplish that.

These face-swapping apps have many amazing features, including automatic face detection, realistic skin tones and quick ways to share it to your social handles. Check out these best Face Swap apps that work perfectly fine on iOS and Android and come with so many functionalities that will floor you.

5 Best Face Swap Apps for 2023.

One of the very first signs or functions to look out for when picking out the best face swap app, is to know what exact function you’re going for. However, out of all the Android and iOS apps mentioned below, you can check out this list of the best funny face apps for smartphones.

1. FacePlay.


One of the best free face swap apps available on iOS and Android is FacePlay. And no, this is no paid advertising. This is due to the fact that this app comes with its own useful features. FacePlay users have access to various short video templates that enable the users to swap faces with any person of their choice.

The only requirement from you is to choose a photo or video you want to swap faces with, and let the app take care of the rest.

FacePlay App has changed the face swap game forever because it has made swapping faces easier than ever. A few clicks and some minutes later, you’ll have a creative and amusing video. This app also features share buttons of all popular social media sites (WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter), etc making it easier to quickly share your photo/video to your social media page.

So far, this App (FacePlay) has over 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store and App Store. The download shows that this app is a top choice for both Android and iOS users when it comes to face swapping on mobile. Whether you are interested in making hilarious video or photography content, FacePlay never fails.

2. Face Swap Live.

Face Swap Live

Another recommendable app that gives users a huge amount of various features is called Face Swap Live. For users looking for a fun and entertaining way to switch faces, and create short videos or photos, I’ll highly recommend you check Face Swap Live!

Through this app, users are given the superpower to easily and quickly swap faces in real time with little to no tech knowledge or coding. FaceSwap Live makes it easy for you to record videos or take photos while your face is swapped with someone else’s! How cool is that?

Aside from the amazing ability to swap faces with anyone of your choice, this app, Face Swap Live comes equipped with mask mode, which makes it more enjoyable, giving users the ability to apply a mask over their face before swapping it with any human of their choice.

I’m basically saving the best for the last here, and its: Face Swap Live offers more than 25 different effects to its user, meaning that you can easily apply various changes and masks to your face, giving a variety of options.

3. Banuba.

Banuba face swap app

The next Face Swapping app I’ll recommend is called Banuba. This face-swapping app is designed to provide its users with a variety of options when it comes to face filters. Banuba basically has more than one thousand (1,000) filters for you to try out.

Know what this entails? this means that you as the user can easily switch between different filters and find the perfect one that best suits your mood, style, or preference and ride with it. No doubt Banuba has a variety of face filters, and an extensive library of face filters, and stands as one of the best face swap apps available in the mobile market.

Banuba makes it easier for its users to easily swap faces with celebrities, superheroes, or even animals. This App basically gives you the option of swapping faces with your favourite superhero, or spirit-animal, and makes it fun while you’re on it.

But that’s not all about this advanced app. Banuba is not just a face swap app. This app can also be used to edit photos and videos, allowing users to apply stunning filters and effects to their photos or videos.

4. Face Swap Booth.

Face Swap Booth best face swap app

A fantastic app that does exactly what it’s named after. The Face Swap Booth gives users the beautiful experience of enjoying themselves while swapping their faces with either a superhero, animal, or animated character.

Through this app, users can basically swap faces with friends, celebrities, and SuperHeroes, and take do things that were not possible with a mobile device a few years ago. FaceSwap Booth is advanced and provides amazing results to its users.

This app offers unlimited face swaps with any photo, giving you the freedom to experiment with an endless number of combinations to create unique and exciting images that will make your photo/video stand out.

Think that’s all this app does? Well, what makes Face Swap Booth app different is that it comes with a beautiful feature called Face Blend.

The Face Blend feature allows you to seamlessly blend two faces together, creating funny and eye-catching pictures. Want to know what your face will look like when blended together with your friend, or a celebrity? you can easily accomplish this feat using this app and see the result yourself.

5. Reface.

Reface best face swap mobile app

Last on this list, but by no means the least is called Reface. The Reface app has more than one hundred million (100 million) downloads and provides users with a vast community of active users all over the world. Want to know why this app got this popular and has over 100 million downloads worldwide?

Well, the rise of REFACE can be majorly attributed to its high Tech advanced face-swapping capabilities, giving users the ability to swap faces with celebrities and Movie characters! Yes, you read it right. You can swap faces with any of your favourite movie characters using this app.

Reface app produced much more realistic results, thanks to the AI technology that’s working in the backend of this app. Users of ReFace can swap faces while live, thus giving users the ability to see what they would look like with another person’s face in real time.

Another feature worth mentioning about ReFace is that users are offered the ability to create and share clips or funny memes on their social media pages with just a few taps.

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