No sports predictor can give 100% successful predictions – any professional sport is associated with chance, including injuries, weather, referee decisions, and mistakes. However, every Melbet bettor always tries to find or invent a special strategy that allows him to increase his bank on the distance. It can be done, but you need sufficient practice on the chosen sport, discipline, the ability to properly prepare for the event. For this reason, bettors are not very fond of live betting – it is almost impossible to prepare for them. 


To start looking for your own betting strategy, you need to first qualify for the site. The administration sets the rules, but they are standard for all licensed sites. It is your majority age, as well as the presence of a personal bank card. If everything is normal, you can bet on a computer or branded mobile application in just a few hours after registration. Bettors most often choose soccer, as it is possible to analyze this sport quite well.

Tips to improve your betting at Melbet

There is no quick way to increase your betting bankroll. Nor is there a strategy that always works at Melbet. It does not make sense to buy predictions on the Internet, especially if there is information about a betting match – it is probably a common scam. Your strategy should be to prepare properly for the event beforehand. Look at the motivation of teams and individual players, study their form over the last five matches, check the weather on the day of the match – rain can spoil the initial calculations.

Next, you can place bets in the following form:

  1. A single bet or an express, i.e., it will always be only one sporting event or a set of bets where the odds are multiplied.
  2. Attempting to guess the winner or a statistic. Both ways are interesting, especially when it comes to statistics, where there are many non-obvious strategies.
  3. You can find the individual statistics of a player, for example, guess whether a soccer player can score.

There is an interesting point with individual statistics in soccer – if the desired player does not appear on the field at all, this event is considered a return. In other words, the express will be saved in this case, which is very good for you. Therefore, it is recommended to add events to the express where a return is technically possible. For example, in soccer, this is a whole statistical total or a whole handicap on the winner.

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