Bookmakers always offer many options for betting on football, as they understand that the audience is interested in making a variety of predictions. It is optional always to try to guess the winner of the match on, because many unusual and exciting combinations allow you to keep your balance always positive. If you like to predict only victories, but the odds are not encouraging, you can add a bet with a victory and total goals scored to your coupon. It is usually customary to choose a total of less than 4.5 goals. It is a reserve even in case the opponent scores one goal.


You do not need an account to check for available predictions, but you must have a personal account to place bets. If you are considered an adult and have a valid bank card, start entering data, wait for verification, and proceed to bet. There are football events every day, and the most exciting matches of the European championships take place on the weekends.

Types of football predictions on Melbet

In a long-term strategy, the bettor must carefully study analytical materials to understand how specific teams play. If victories are not valued very highly by bookmaker Melbet, then find two such events and combine them into one express bet. By multiplying the odds, the final cash prize will be very profitable. You can try to catch the favorites in their fatigue or poor form and indicate in the coupon the handicap for the initially weaker team. It makes sense to bet this way when the favorite visits an inconvenient opponent.

If you don’t take the winning outcomes, there are still many attractive betting options in football:

  1. Try to guess the total from yellow cards, individual or team, or name the winner from yellow cards.
  2. The same can be done with shots on goal, corner kicks, fouls.
  3. When choosing a forecast with shots on target, it is essential to remember that either a goal or a save is counted in the statistics. Moreover, the goalkeeper must be in the goal projection during the save.

Bettors have different strategies based on statistics – bet on the total more or less. When choosing a total less indicator, you already have the desired indicator. All that remains is to wait for the end of the match. Whereas with statistics, the total is larger; it is the active actions of the teams that are needed. There is a big difference between watching the match and your perception.

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