Airtel Data Plans and Airtel internet Plans in Nigeria 2020

Airtel Nigeria is currently the biggest telecommunication service provider and company in Nigeria. Currently, More than 40% of Nigerians surfing the internet are doing so, using the Airtel Data bundles Platform. One of the biggest reason why Airtel Nigeria is most popular among Nigerians is because of its affordable plans and fast internet connection.

One of the biggest reason why this company stands out is because the company provides different data bundle plans, activation codes and subscription codes for the plan. Before subscribing, you should take a moment to go through this article and checkout the best internet packages that suit your lifestyle.

airtel nigeria tariff plans

Airtel provides Nigerians with the complete Internet packages and data bundles that is best for the following group of people, which includes;

Light users,
Middle and Heavy users.

The Airtel internet bundles comes can be classified into Daily plans, weekly, Monthly and Yearly data plan. Please take note of this exclusive Airtel Nigeria internet data bundle plans and subscription codes.

Before 2016, Nigerians were finding it extremely difficult to subscribe to any packages, mainly because of the high cost of a subscription. Watching and streaming Videos, downloading music and playing games online was a dream for most people, but thanks to Airtel, Nigerians have a reason to smile again. I will be providing you with the current lists of Airtel data plan with the prices involved with each data plan and the activation codes.

I will also be sharing with you, the step by step procedures and guidelines on configuring Airtel Internet settings on your PC, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Android Phones, Windows Smartphones, iPhones, iPad, etc.

Airtel Bonuses

We’ve verified that all subscribers can enjoy up to 50% bonus if you choose to subscribe to any of the data plans, plus you will also get 2GB free data when you buy a brand new Airtel modem from their authorized dealers.

To receive the 2GB when you purchase a Modem, please visit any of the Airtel Nigeria centers or telecommunication stores and ask for a 4g modem (It’s currently the fastest Modem in Nigeria :D).

Airtel Data Plan For Android Phones

160 Free MB

Plan Name Data Allowance Subscription Fee Validity Days USSD CODE
FREE SURF  160MB FREE 30  *400#


The 160 MB provided for subscribers is best for those who don’t surf the internet on a daily basic. However, you  can choose to enjoy the convenience of pay as you go at a bundle rate. The airtel FREE Surf offers reduced browsing rate on usage and gives Airtel subscribers up to 160mb bonus data when you use up to 160MB.

Please take note that the browsing rate starts from 1kobo per KB. Billing starts from N1/MB and up to 20Kobo/MB.

ANDROID 1.0 Plan

ANDROID 1.0 1.5GB 1,000 30 *496#


Like I said above, the Airtel android plan is one of the most affordable in the country. Android 1.0 provides users with much more data for much less. Please take note that the above plan is usable on all devices, including Blackberry, iPad, iPhones, etc. IT’s charged at N1/MB all day.

Plan Name: ANDROID 1.0
Data Allowance: 1.5GB
Subscription Fee: ₦1,000
Validity Days: 30 days

Android 2.0 Plan

ANDROID 2.0 3.5GB 2,000 30 *437#

Bundle Description

This plans works best for both the medium and heavy users. With the Android 2.0 data plan, you can be up to date with what’s important. You get to surf your social Media accounts, stream Videos, Watch youtube, etc.

Plan Name: ANDROID 2.0
Data Allowance: 3.5GB
Subscription Fee: ₦2,000
Validity Days: 30 days

Please take note that the Android 2.0 plan works on all devices, including Windows smartphones, iPhones, Laptop/Pc through Modem or wifi.

Android 2.5 Plan

ANDROID 2.5 5GB 2,500 30 *437*1#

Bundle Description

With the Android 2.5 bundle, all subscribers can ALWAYS stay connected and never miss out on information from their favorite blog, social media account, business, etc. This plan is one of the cheapest plans that is offered at this current price.

Plan Name: ANDROID 2.5
Data Allowance: 5GB
Subscription Fee: ₦2,500
Validity Days: 30 days

Important Info: Although this plan is called Android 2.5, it does not ONLY works on Android devices, this plan works 100% well on all devices, including Windows smartphones, iphones, Laptop/Pc through Modem or wifi.


ANDROID 3.5 7GB 3,500 30 *438#


With the Android 3.5 plan, you have everything you need at your fingertips. For three thousand, five hundred naira, (3,500) you’ll get 7GB, which you can use to watch movies, download and stream music.

Plan Name: ANDROID 3.5
Data Allowance: 7GB
Subscription Fee: ₦3,500
Validity Days: 30 days

Please take note that this plan is valid for 30 days@ N1/MB all day. Also take note that this plan works on all devices, including PC, Laptops, Windows Smartphone, etc.

Airtel Internet Plans

airtel internet plans

Airtel Monthly Plan


OPERA MONTHLY 250 MB 300 30 *885*1#


The Airtel opera monthly plan is for lite users who don’t always surf the internet or visit the web on a daily basis. This is the cheapest Airtel monthly internet package.

Just like the package name, this bundle helps you surf the web on your opera browser. With this plan, you can connected and chat, browse and stay up to date with our Opera monthly plan.

Data Allowance: 250 MB
Subscription Fee: ₦300
Validity Days: 30 days

Please take note that this plan is usable for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, WeChat and 2go, OperaMini, etc


WTF MONTHLY 80MB 200 30 *990#


The wtf monthly plan works best for those who are not always online. With this plan, you’ll get to surf the web and stay updated with your social Media profiles.

Data Allowance: 80 MB
Subscription Fee: ₦200
Validity: 30 Days

Please take note that this plan works for Facebook, Twitter Whatsapp, We Chat and 2go e.t.c


Airtel Internet Settings

You can now connect your Airtel Simcard to the network internet settings and start surfing the world wide web (www)

Here are the settings you’ll need to use before you’ll have access to the internet on your mobile phones and tablets or other data-enabled devices. The most important thing is ensuring that your APN settings are configured correctly on the Airtel 3.75G network for faster browsing experience.

APN simply means Access Point Name. The APN is a must HAVE requirement on the network for all data users because without the settings, you cannot connect to the internet through the Airtel network.

The Airtel Official APN is:

If your phone/device has no APN settings or incorrect APN settings, you would be unable to access the web. Please follow these Settings to configure your Airtel internet settings for Mobile and PC.

Airtel Mobile Data Plan.

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