Here is the complete Etisalat Data plan, etisalat data Bundle, etisalat Data, Internet packages and bundles Prices For Smart Phones, Tablets, ipad, Laptops, Modems, routers, etc.
Today, i would love to write on the best and Most affordable Etisalat Plans for all browsing devices! As far as you can use your device to access the internet, note that Etisalat has a wonderful data plan for you! It’s easy and works smoothly, less you forget, Etisalat has been praised as one of Nigeria most efficient and fastest internet server provider, compared to MTN Nigeria, who are losing customers due to several reasons.

Here are the complete Etisalat Data Bundle Plan Prices and Activation Codes for you.

etisalat data plan
After receiving several comments on the the previous etisalat smartphone bundles, i decided to update Techopera with the current 2017 Etisalat Data plans.
Here is all the data bundle plans from Etisalat Nigeria, and these includes their prices, data allocation, validity period and activation codes for computers, mobile phones and tablets.
The previous etisalat data plan, especially in 2015 and 2016 were very expensive, but following the trends of other top Internet providers in Nigeria, Etisalat Nigeria has reduced the cost of their browsing plan and it’s awesome, as they are regarded as one of the best internet providers in Nigeria.

Internet Bundles

internet browsers
You can now easily subscribed to any of the Etisalat prepaid data plans listed below depending on the plan that best suits your need and Money.

plans price(N) USSD codes SMS to 229 validity
2GB 2,000 *229*2*8# AND2 30 days
3GB 4,000 *229*2*4# MB4 30 days
night & weekend (3GB) 4,000 *229*3*3# MB7 30 days
5GB 6,500 *229*2*3# MB5 30 days
8GB 8,000 *229*2*5# MB6 30 days
10GB 10,000 *229*4*1# SM1 30 days
15GB 15,000 *229*4*2# SM2 30 days
20GB 18,000 *229*4*3# SM3 30 days
please note: valid for 30 days. auto-renewal & data rollover apply.
Daily 10MB 100 *229*3*1# MI1 expires midnight
weekly 50MB 500 *229*3*4# MI2 7 days
quaterly plan (30GB) 27,500 *229*5*1# 4M 90 days
bi-annual plan (60GB) 55,000 *229*5*2# 6M 120 days
100GB Plan 84,992 *229*4*5# SM5 30 days
annual plan (120GB) 110,000 *229*5*3# 12M 365 days
please note: auto-renewal applies. no data rollover on daily plan, night & weekend period (9PM – 6AM weekdays & all weekend).

SmartPhone Internet Data Bundles Plans

mobile phones
Almost 73% of Nigerians access the internet on a daily basis through their smartphones, and you certainly won’t be surprise to know that Etisalat got your back covered.
All smartphone users can now subscribe to any of these easyblaze data plans and enjoy calls at 20 kobo per sec to any network with no access fee, and this is because?

You choose the Etisalat Smartphone plans!

smartphone plans
plans monthly cost(N) activation code
(sms to 8183)
activtion code
3GB 4,000 smartc *229*2*44#
5GB 6,500 smartd *229*2*33#
8GB 8,000 smarte *229*2*55#

All interested persons should be aware, that each of these Data plans comes with an automatic bonus of 30% extra data.
This simply implies that when you successfully subscribed to any of the above internet bundles, automatically, you will also enjoy automatic renewal (auto-renewal) of your plan, provided you have enough airtime to purchase the same plan.
Please take note that if you are on Auto-Renew, all the unused data will be rolled over during auto-renewal, or if another data plan is purchased before the current plan expires, it will be rolled over.
If you are confused and would love the Etisalat customer representative to help you, proceed and text “help” to 229.
However, if for any reasons you decided to opt out of the plan or cancel the auto renewal, just proceed and dial *229*0#. call charges will revert to 40k/sec upon expiry of the data plan.
Please take note that the Etisalat Nigeria terms and conditions apply.

Etisalat Blackberry Internet Data Bundles Plan

Please note that when you subscribe to any of Etisalat blackberry plans, you have open the pathway to a superfast internet browsing speed and experience which ONLY etisalat offers.

blackberry plan
plan data price(₦) *voice
non-voice SMS to 399
blackberry 10 lite with unlimited BBM® monthly 260MB 1000 *599*2# MLITE
weekly 70MB 350 *599*2*1# WLITE
daily 10MB 70 *599*2*2# DLITE
blackberry 10 mid with unlimited BBM® monthly 500MB 1500 *599*3# MMID
weekly 125MB 550 *599*3*1# WMID
daily 15MB 100 *599*3*2# DMID
blackberry 10 max with unlimited BBM® monthly 1536MB 3000 *599*4# MMAX
weekly 360MB 1100 *599*8# WMAX
daily 50MB 200 *599*7# DMAX

Blackberry Plan

plan duration *voice opt-in non-voice opt-in price (₦)
blackberry absolute monthly *499*1# *399*1# 1500
weekly *499*6# *399*6# 550
daily *499*5# *399*5# 100
monthly 2 for 1 promo *369*2# *369*3# 1500
blackberry complete monthly *499*3# SMS COM to 399 1000
weekly *499*3*1# SMS COW to 399 500
daily *499*3*2# SMS COD to 399 100
monthly 2 for 1 promo *369*1# *369*4# 1000

Etisalat Valuepack Plan

browsing girl
If you choose to go for the etisalat valuepack plan, then be prepared to have your mind blown away! If you decide to go for this plan, after you have successfully subscribed, you automatically get a 100% bonus on your data bundle with the easyblaze value pack.
Before choosing this plan, please take note that the bonus is valid for seven days after purchase. bonus data is available at off peak periods, which are:
1 am – 5am daily.
Eligible data bundles:
200MB – 6GB.

valuepack pricing plans
data plan price (₦) opt in dial: opt in SMS to 229:
1.5GB 4,000 *229*2*4# MB4
3GB 6,500 *229*2*3# MB5
6GB 8,000 *229*2*5# MB6


mobile plans

  • you never run out of data with smartpaks (see our fair usage policy).
  • with hourly, daily and weekly plans, there are paks to fit every pocket and every lifestyle.

One great advantage and benefit of subscribing to the Etisalat smartpaks plan, is that the chat pak gives you access to instant messaging apps, such as whatsapp, wechat, facebook messenger, 2go, line and kakao for the cheapest prices ever. Below is the data plan and how it works!
Subscription Details
dial *200# and select option 3 for the data menu. choose option 3 for smartpaks.

smartpaks pricing table
pak chat social me video
plan daily weekly weekly 2 hours
price 50 150 300 400
access to: WhatsApp, facebook Messanger, WeChat, 2go, all instant messaging apps facebook, twitter, BBM, instagram, eskimi, all instant messaging apps 2 hours of uninterrupted videos from any app

Unlike the Old Etisalat Data Bundles Plan, which gives you something like 500 MB for 2000, you can now get as much as 2gig for N2000 with Bonus! I won’t advice anyone to try this old data bundle plans, they are really expensive.

Etisalat Data Internet Plan/Bundle and Packages

Etisalat is one of the best Telecommunication service providers in Nigeria, and have one of the best Internet packages for their users. Offering them one of the best data plans to access the internet.
Due to request from millions of Nigerians, asking for affordable internet data plans in Nigeria, I want to share with our readers, various internet service provider’s plans which are available to Nigerians, including their activation codes, Price and Validation period.
We’re happy to inform Nigerians, that Etisalat Nigeria is providing some of the cheapest internet bundle plans and data packages for all browsing device, including Computers, Laptops, iPhones, iPad and Mobile phones.
One of the cheapest Etisalat Data plan is the 1GB which costs ONLY N1,000.
It is no doubt that Etisalat Nigeria is among the leading Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Nigeria, including their their various affordable internet data bundles.
For Nigerians, who are not aware of what the “Etisalat EasyBlaze” refers to, it means the various cheap internet plans that are offered by Etisalat to her subscribers.
We have shared below, the full and complete List of Etisalat data plans, internet packages, data bundles codes.
You can now check the Etisalat Data plan comparison table below. Please take note that these plans would work on your Smartphones (Android, iPhones, Tablets), PC’s, Modem Dongles and many other browsing devices.

Etisalat Data Plan (s) and Internet Packages

Monthly Plans for Tablets & Modems.
Choose a plan below for your devices or add it to your Easycliq, Easystarter, Easyflex or Easylife package.

Etisalat Monthly Plans

Service Cost To Subscribe
(via SMS)
Text to 229
To Subscribe
(via USSD)
200MB Plan N1,000 MB2 *229*2*1# 30 days
500MB Plan N2,000 MB3 *229*2*2# 30 days
1.5GB Plan N4,000 MB4 *229*2*4# 30 days
3GB Plan N6,500 MB5 *229*2*3# 30 days
6GB Plan N8,000 MB6 *229*2*5# 30 days
10GB Plan N10,000 SM1 *229*4*1# 30 days
15GB Plan N15,000 SM2 *229*4*2# 30 days
20GB Plan N18,000 SM3 *229*4*3# 30 days
Important Info: Please take note that the above data plans are Valid for 30 days. Auto-renewal & data rollover apply. You can enjoy a 30% bonus on all plans from 200mb – 6GB.

Etisalat Internet Packages For Smartphone

Smartphone Data Plans:The Etisalat Easyblaze monthly Plans for Smartphones
includes Voice calls at 20k/sec to all local networks.

To Subscribe
(via SMS)
Text to 8183
To Subscribe
(via USSD)
200MB Voice Plan N1,000 Smarta *229*2*11# 30 days
500MB Voice Plan N2,000 Smartb *229*2*22# 30 days
1.5GB Voice Plan N4,000 Smartc *229*2*44# 30 days
3GB Voice Plan N6,500 Smartd *229*2*33# 30 days
6GB Voice Plan N8,000 Smarte *229*2*55# 30 days
Important Information: This internet bundles is valid for 30 days ONLY. However, it’s auto-renewal and your unused  data are rollover, when auto-renewed. You’ll get 30% Bonus apples to all plans from 200mb – 6GB.

Other Etisalat Data Plans and Prices

Other Plans
Mobile Daily Plan (10MB) N100 MI1 *229*3*1# Daily
Mobile Weekly Plan (50MB) N500 MI2 *229*3*4# 7 days
Night & Weekend Plan N4,000 MB7 *229*3*3# 30 days
Quaterly Plan (30GB) N27,500 4M *229*5*1# 90 days
Bi-annual Plan (60GB) N55,000 6M *229*5*2# 120 days
Annual Plan (120GB) N110,000 12M *229*5*3# 365 days
Please note: Auto-renewal applies No data rollover on Daily Plan
Night & Weekend Period: 9PM – 6AM weekdays & all weekend

How to Cancel Etisalat Data Plan Renewal

I really can’t tell why you would want to cancel the Etisalat plan, but if you wish to Opt out of any of the Etisalat Internet Plans, Simply Dial *229*0%# and your internet package plan will be cancelled.

Here’s the OLD Etisalat Data Bundles Plan

S/N Plans Price(=N=) USSD Code SMS Keyword to 229
1 Daily 10MB 100 *229*3*1# MI1
2 Weekly 50MB 500 *229*3*4# MI2
3 200MB 1,000 *229*2*1# MB2
4 500MB 2,000 *229*2*2# MB3
5 1.5GB 4,000 *229*2*4# MB4
6 Night & Weekend 4,000 *229*3*3# MB7
7 3GB 6,500 *229*2*3# MB5
8 6GB 8,000 *229*2*5# MB6
9 10GB 10,000 *229*4*1# SM1
10 15GB 15,000 *229*4*2# SM2
11 20GB 18,000 *229*4*3# SM3

I sincerely hope that this article, compiling the list of all Etisalat Data plan, Etisalat internet packages for Pc, Laptops, Smartphones provides you with the information you needed.