Here’s the MTN Data Plan For Android, iPhone and Laptop users in 2019. For all readers of TechOpera, who wants to get the best Mtn data plan for android, best mtn data package for android, Modems, Laptops and PC.
If you are searching for the best MTN Data Plan 2019, i have got the list of all subscription codes for MTN Data Plan , MTN Blackberry Plan and MTN Android Data Plan.
MTN Nigeria once had the biggest database of customers in Nigeria, and are currently among the list of top Telecommunication Company in Nigeria. MTN Nigeria can boost of having more than 40 Million active lines. Looking at their network coverage and customer base, you may be surprised to know that they ONLY recently, did MTN Nigeria released their cheap data plans.
Here on this article, I will share with you, the best mtn data plan that suits your budget, and how you can subscribe to anyone of your choice.
Mtn Data Plan are internet packages that gives users internet access. Like i promised my readers, i will ALWAYS stick to the truth, MTN Data Plan is one of the most expensive in the country, whereas the Glo data plan and Etisalat Data Plan are the cheapest in Nigeria.
mtn data plan

MTN Data Plan 2019 (For Android , iPhone & Laptops)

Important: Please take note that before sharing any mtn data plan here, i have tested them and know that they are working.
These MTN Data plan works perfectly on Android smartphones, iPhone and Laptops. This article is always updated with the latest mtn Nigeria data plan.

How to Check MTN Data Balance

It is really difficult to try checking our remaining MB or GB we have on our bundles. You can always check your MTN data balance by sending a message/Text “02 to 131 to check your balance:

Mtn Daily Data Plan

There are the packages and bundles for Daily plans.
30MB For 100 :
You will be able to get 10MB data for just ₦100, Which is valid for 24hours.
You can subscribed for the 30MB bundle by dialing *104# or text 104 to 131
100MB for 200:
You can get the MTN 100MB for ₦200 by Dialing *113# or text 113 to 131. This plan is valid for 24hours.

MTN Weekly Data Plan

This plans contains all MTN Nigeria plans which are valid for 7 Weeks. This list contains all mtn weekly data bundles.
750MB for 500,
For ₦500 naira,
Get 750MB for 7 days.
For activation, Dial *103# or text 103 to 131.
Please note that this bundle is ONLY valid for 7 days.


MegaBytes Amount Validity
MTN  30MB N100 Valid for 24Hrs SMS 104 to 131
MTN 100MB N200 Valid for 24Hrs SMS 113 to 131
MTN 750MB N500 Valid for 7 Days SMS 103 to I31
MTN 1.5GB N1000 Valid for 30 Days SMS 106 to 131
MTN 3.5GB N2,000 Valid for 30 Days SMS 110 to 131
MTN 10GB N5,000 Valid for 30 Days) SMS 116 to 131
MTN 22GB N10,000 Valid for 30 days) SMS 117 to 131


MTN Monthly Data Plan

This packages here contains the list of all Mtn data packages which are valid for each month.
MTN 1.5GB For 1,000 : To activate, simply dial *106# or text 106 to 131. This bundle is valid for 30 days.
MTN 3.5GB for 2,000 : To activate, dial *110# or text 110 to 131. This plan is valid for 30days.
MTN 10GB for 5,000 : Dial *116# to subscribe for this package. This plan is valid for 30 days.
MTN 22GB for 10,000. Dial *117# to subscribe. This mtn data package is valid for 30 days.
MTN 50GB for 20,000 : You can get the 50GB mtn data plan for ₦20,000. To activate, simply go to message and text “118” to 131. This plan is valid for 60 days.
85GB for 50,000 – You can activate the MTN 85GB bundle for 50,000 by texting “133” to 131. This plan is valid for 3 Months (90 days).

MTN Night Plan

The MTN night plan works best for those who are working the 9-5 daily jobs and ONLY have opportunity to surf the web during the night hours.
Please take note that we have Two types of Mtn night plan.

MTN Daily Night Plan

The MTN night plan ONLY works from 12:00am to 4:00am and is valid for only one night.
Also, if you exhaust the 500MB which is allocated to you before the night is over, you cannot subscribe to the plan again for that night. What am trying to explain here, is that YOU Can ONLY subscribe for the Night plan once a day (per night).
To Subscribe and active the ₦25 on your MTN Pulse line, and text “Night” to 131.
Here is How to Activate the ₦25 Mtn daily night plan.
Text: Night to 131
mtn night plan

MTN Night Plan

500MB @ ₦25 One Night Text “Night” to 131

MTN Nigeria Data Plan

Plan Validity Opt-in Code

MTN Daily Data Bundles

30MB @ ₦10024 HoursDial *104#100MB @ ₦20024 HoursDial *113#

MTN Weekly Data Bundles

750MB @ ₦5007 DaysDial *103#

MTN Monthly Data Bundles

1.5GB @ ₦1,0001 MonthDial *106#3.5GB @ ₦2,0001 MonthDial *110#10GB @ ₦5,0001 MonthDial *116#22GB @ ₦10,0001 MonthDial *117#


MTN GoodyBag Social

This plan works perfectly fine for MTN subscribers who love browsing through social media platforms like Facebook , Whatsapp , 2go , Twitter and Eskimi. However, i would love to clarify here that this plan DOES work on Operamini, Chrome or web browser. IT ONLY opens social media platforms.
I don’t recommend this bundle for heavy internet users.

  • Facebook Weekly For 25 : Text FBW to 131
  • Facebook Monthly For 60 : Text FBM to 131
  • Twitter Weekly For 25 : Text TWTW to 131
  • Twitter Monthly For 60 : Text TWTM to 131
  • Eskimi Weekly For 25 : Text ESKW to 131
  • Eskimi Monthly For 60 : Text ESKM to 131
  • 2GO Weekly For 25 : Text 2GOW to 131
  • 2GO Monthly For 60 : Text 2GOM to 131
  • Whatsapp Weekly Bundle For #25 : TEXT WAW TO 131
  • Whatsapp Monthly Bundle For #60 : TEXT WAM TO 131
  • WeChat Weekly Bundle : TEXT WCW TO 131
  • WeChat Monthly Bundle : TEXT WAM TO 131

MTN Blackberry Data Plan Subscription

BB Bundles (BBOS) (Normal Blackberry). I will be sharing below, the complete list of all available Mtn data plan for Blackberry users. If you’re using a Blackberry smartphone, here are the best and cheapest mtn data packages for you to select from.


100 for 100MB data
This bunle is valid for 24 hours (1 day)
To activate, simply text: BBCDAY to 21600
500 for 500MB
This mtn data is valid for 7 days (1 week).
To activate, simply text: BBCWEEK to 21600
1,000 for 2GB
This package is for heavy users.
This plan is valid for 30 days (1 month)
To activate, simply text: BBCV to 21600
You can now enjoy NON-STOP chatting on BBM with new BBM Data Plans from MTN,  starting from as low as N25 daily.

Plans Inclusive Data Bundle Validity Cost Keyword to  21600
BBM Daily Plan 5MB 1 day NGN 25 BBMD
BBM Weekly Plan 25MB 7days NGN100 BBMW
BBM Monthly Data Plan 100MB 30days NGN350 BBMM

BBM can be downloaded on compatible Android, Iphones and Nokia X smartphones.
The BlackBerry AbsoluteBlackBerry Complete and BlackBerry 10 Bundles are part of a bouquet of innovative Value Added Services specially designed to enrich the lives of our customers. These BlackBerry packages are targeted at customers who desire flexibility in their BlackBerry usage.

BB Bundles (BBOS)

BB PLAN Inclusive Data VALIDITY NEW PRICE SMS Activation To 21600
500MB Weekly N500 BBCWEEK
2GB Monthly N1, 000 BBC
500MB Weekly N550 BBWEEK
2GB Monthly N1,500 BIS
BB Quarterly 2GB Monthly Quarterly N4,000 BBQ


BlackBerry 10 Plans Service Validity Inclusive Data Price SMS Activation To 21600 USSD Activation
BB10 MAXI Monthly 1.5GB N3,000 Text BBMAXIM *216*5*3#
Weekly 350MB N1,100 Text BBMAXIW *216*5*2#
Daily 50MB N200 BBMAXID *216*5*1#
BB10 MIDI Monthly 500MB N1,500 BBMIDIM *216*4*3#
Weekly 125MB N550 BBMIDIW *216*4*2#
Daily 15MB N100 BBMIDID *216*4*1#
BB10 MINI Monthly 260MB N1,000 BBLITEM *216*3*3#
Weekly 70MB N350 BBLITEW *216*3*2#
Daily 10MB N70 BBLITED *216*3*1#

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I activate MTN Blackberry service?
Answer: Dial *216# and follow the options or click here for more options.

MTN Data Plan Code Subscription and Activation codes

This is the complete list of all MTN Data Plan and bundles released by the network. Please if you notice that any subscription code is not working, do take your time and share with us via the comment box, we’ll certainly Love to hear from you.

MTN Internet Settings: How to Activate

Want to connect online via MTN Nigeria? You should be aware, that the mtn internet services can be accessed with an internet enabled mobile phone, modem, or an Internet router.
Before browsing with your Laptop or Desktop, you surely need a Modem, router or a mobile phone with wifi to connect or a data cable/USB or Bluetooth.
Although almost 70% of internet users today are accessing the web via mobile phones, so it is very important to get connected.
To get your 3G/3.5G/4G GPRS settings automatically, simply text




with a mobile phone you inserted the MTN Nigeria simcard into.
You can also manually configure your mobile phone using the following settings below.
Account name: MTN GPRS
Access point name (APN):
IP Address:
Port: 8080 (for HTML) or 9201 (for WAP)
Username: web
Password: web
Port 8080 is recommended except if your mobile phone supports only WAP.
However, if you purchased your Smartphone from an MTN service centre, it will be pre-loaded with MTN internet settings and connects to the internet automatically.

MTN FastLink USB modem

Take note that the 3.5G FastLink USB modem costs around N10,000 from MTN and is also compatible to 3G/EDGE/GPRS. If you purchase the MTN FastLink USB modem from an mtn official outlet/store, you will get 6 months free data.
MTN also offers a portable Wi-Fi router that enables you share your internet access with up to five Wi-Fi devices, which are within a 10m range from where the wi-fi router is placed.
The portable Wi-Fi hotspot is called MTN Mi-Fi, and costs about ₦25,000 with 3GB free internet browsing bundle.
To activate your MTN free Mi-Fi bundle, text MIFI to 131.