Apparently, some persons might find this difficult to believe, but most times, We tend to forget or simply don’t know, how to recharge our phones. Here is the complete guidelines on how to load recharge cards on ALL Networks in Nigeria. Imagine you are new to using 9Mobile and wants to recharge? You need to search for the 9Mobile recharge code, so you can easily recharge your airtime.

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In this page, I will be writing on all Telecommunication networks in Nigeria, including the codes, which is used for recharging and checking credit balance on CDMA networks in Nigeria.

(MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel, Starcomms, Visafone and Multilinks).

On this page, I will also be showing you, how to load Recharge Card Or Check Balance On MTN, 9Mobile, Glo, Airtel Starcomms, Visafone, Multilinks.

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Airtel recharge code

How do I recharge my AIRTEL Sim?

  • Loading your Airtel airtime is very simple. Once you’ve got the recharge card, simply dial *126*PIN# and then Send/Ok.
  • For Example, If the PIN is 1111 2222 3333 4444, simply type *126*1111222233334444# and press Send or Ok. Your recharge card value will be added to your credit balance once your request is successful.

NOTE: please take note that the Airtel recharge card pins contain a 16-digit number.

How do I check my account balance on the AIRTEL Network?

  • Dial *123# to check account balance. It is that simple!

MTN NIGERIA Recharge Code

MTN recharge code

How do I recharge my phone on the MTN Network?

  • Recharging your MTN Simcard is very simple. For you to recharge an MTN Nigeria line, follow the format below to ensure your recharge is successful:
    *555*PIN# and then Send/Ok.

Please take note that the MTN Nigeria recharge card PIN has 12 digits, anything more than this is quake.
If the PIN is 1111 2222 3333, input *555*111122223333# and press Send or Ok.

For MTN prepaid users:

  • You can get an MTN credit card with 12-digit PIN in the nearest shop.
  • Dial to load the 12 digits PIN in this format: *555*PIN# (For instance, *555*123456789012#).
  • Send and wait for credit confirmation, please don’t throw away from the credit card paper, until it is confirmed.
  • Finally, dial *556# to see airtime balance.

How do I check my account balance on the MTN Network?

  • You can easily check your MTN account balance by texting 8 to 131 or dial *556# to check your MTN account balance.

9Mobile NIGERIA Recharge Code.

9Mobile recharge code

How do I recharge my phone on the 9Mobile Network?

  • Etisalat Nigeria recharge codes contain a 15-digit PIN. To recharge your 9Mobile line, You need to dial *222*followed by the 15 digit pin and followed by # without any space: *222*PIN# and then Send/Ok.

If the PIN is 111 222 333 444 555, input *222*111222333444555# and press Send or Ok.

IN 9Mobile, you can help recharge your Friend and Family line from your phone, All you need to do, is to dial *222*PIN*Recipient’sNumber#. The recipient will be credited and be notified of the transaction.

How do I check my account balance on the 9Mobile Network?

  • Dial *232# to check account balance.

GLO NIGERIA Recharge Code

glo recharge code

How do I recharge my phone on the GLO Network?

  • Please take note that Glo Nigeria recharge codes is a 15-digit PIN. To recharge a Glo line, you are to type in the recharge USSD glo recognized pin, which is *123*followed by the Recharge PIN and #:

*123*PIN# and then Send/Ok.
If the PIN is 1111 2222 3333 444, input *555*111122223333444# and press Send or Ok.

How To Check Glo Account Balance?

  • Dial #124# to check account balance.


This is one of the major networks in Nigeria, which offers coverage to hundred of thousands of Nigerians. Here’s how to recharge your visafone simcard and check your balance.

How do I check my credit balance on VISAFONE Network?
Dial *775# OR Dial *888*. Then proceed and follow the voice prompt, then press 2

How do I recharge on VISAFONE Network?

When you purchase the Card, simply Scratch the silver panel area on your recharge card to reveal the 14 digit PIN number. However, in recent times, Most recharge cards don’t come with silver panels to cover the recharge card numbers anymore.

To recharge, simply dial on your smartphone: *889* followed by 14 digit recharge number. Then finally, Press YES/OK/SEND to recharge.

You can dial *888* and recharge. Simply dial *888*, listen and follow the voice instruction, press 1 and enter 14 digit PIN, then the # key. Your credit should now be automatically loaded with the value and you will then receive a text confirmation, that your recharge was successful.


How do I check my credit balance on STARCOMMS Network?

  • Checking your credit balance on StarComms is easy. Simply dial *225# and you will see your credit balance on your smartphone screen. You will also receive your airtime balance via sms.

How do I recharge on STARCOMMS Network?

  • If you purchase a card with a silver panel, simply scratch off the silver panel below to reveal Recharge number. Now follow the guides below to ensure your action is successful.

For EXPRESS RECHARGE: All you need to do is simply dial *333* followed by the recharge Number. Listen to the voice prompt and press 1 to confirm.

OR Dial *999* from the Starcomms phone you wish to recharge. Then listen and follow the simple voice instructions provided by the system. Your scratch card value will be added to your balance automatically, except in few situations where the network is experiencing glitches.


How do I recharge my phone on the MULTILINKS Network?

  • Recharging your Multi-Links balance is very easy. Simply Dial 152 on your smartphone and follow the instruction from the voice prompt. When you follow the voice prompt, your recharge will surely be successful.

How do I check my account balance on the MULTILINKS Network?

  • Dial 150 and listen to the voice prompt.

Important Note:

Please take note that this codes to recharge are for prepaid lines. However, I will soon update this page with recharge card codes for all post-paid users.