There are thousands of Nigerians who don’t know the importance of choosing the best MTN tariff plans and saving Money on calls, SMS and Data bundles. Today on Styzic, I will be sharing with you, the complete list of all working MTN tariff plans, their migration codes and their benefits!

Want to make Cheap calls and also get the cheapest MTN Data bundles? Welcome to this page, where you get the best MTN Nigeria tariff plan.

When it comes to choosing the best Tariff plan, there are some important and vital information we need to note, before dialling and migrating. You need to know and choose the tariff plan that befits you best, and how can you know the best tariff plan that suits you? By asking yourself these questions;

mtn Nigeria tariff plans

  • Do I spend hundreds of naira on phone calls?
  • Do I spend more on SMS than Calls?
  • Do I spend more money on mtn data plan than calls and SMS?

When you have answered these three (3) questions, only then will you be sure to select the best tariff plan that best suits you.

MTN Tariff Plans and Their Benefits

Here is a list of all MTN offered tariff Plans which you don’t know about.

MTN TruTalk+

The very first tariff plan that comes to mind, is the MTN TruTalk+. This tariff plan is created especially for those who make more calls than SMS or surf the internet. This tariff plan provides all Businessmen and women, a means for making calls at lower rates.

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  • Local numbers: 11 kobo/sec
  • International numbers: 20 kobo/sec
  • A day-to-day accession fee of N5

MTN Tru Talk+ Migration Code


MTN zone

The MTN zone tariff plan was one of my best, very best plan back then, since it comes with lots of mouth watering offers. This tariff plan gives all MTN customers who are actively using this plan, the cheapest MTN – MTN calls rate.

When you subscribed to this plan, you get to call any MTN number for the lowest price ever. Which is 4k/sec (the matter is in the part of the day)?

MTN ZONE Migration Code

Dial *135*1#

MTN Xtra Pro

This is another wonderful tariff plan that comes with great offers. With the MTN Xtra pro plan, all subscribers who currently use this plan, get to make calls for as low as 11kobo per seconds, with a daily accession of just 5Naira.

  • Calls: 11 kobo/sec
  • Daily accession: N5

MTN XtraPro Migration Code

To subscribe to the MTN Extrapro plan, simply Dial *401# and when it opens, select 1. You will be successfully migrated to the Xtrapro.

MTN SuperSaver

How to Migrate to MTN Super Saver Plus.

MTN XtraSpecial

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This is another wonderful tariff plan I’ll recommend to anyone anytime. The MTN Xtraspecial tariff plan comes with the best offers for those who make international calls. If you’re a business Man or woman, Or you’ve got someone residing outside the shores of Nigeria, then I’ll advise you to quickly migrate to this plan and start saving Money.

The MTN Xtraspecial plan is the perfect tool for international calls.

Calls: 15 kobo/sec (both local and international)

You get to call any Nigerian network without a day-to-day accession fee, and no first-minute charge.

MTN Xtra Special Migration Code.

Dial *408# and select 1

mtn tariff plans

MTN Prepaid Plans


MTN BetaTalk

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When the MTN BetaTalk was introduced, I was amazed at the offer and the bonuses that come with the tariff plan. My friends and I all migrated to this plan since it comes with an amazing deal.

The MTN BetaTalk tariff plan is one of the best tariff plan, ever introduced by MTN Nigeria.

When you recharged 100 and more, you get to receive a whooping 200% bonus each recharge.

Here is how it works. Your 200% airtime bonus will be used after you exhausted your main account balance.

  • 10MB/weekly
  • National calls: 40 kobo/sec

Example of MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan Bonus

If you prepay ₦100 you get ₦100+ ₦200, so you will have ₦300.
If you recharge ₦200 you get ₦200 + ₦400, so you will have ₦600.
If you recharge ₦300 you get ₦300+ ₦600, so you will have ₦900. And so on.

MTN Beta Talk Migration Code


MTN iPulse

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Who does not know the MTN iPulse tariff plan? This is arguably one of the most advertised plan from MTN. This plan comes with some of the coolest features ever introduced on any plan from this network!

  • Calls in MTN line: 15 kobo/sec or 11 kobo/sec after 40 kobo/sec for the first 60 secs to MTN line.
  • Non-MTN lines: 40 kobo/sec
  • 1GB/for a week: N500
  • 500MB/night: N25
  • Prepayment for N100= data bonus of 10MB (once a week/24 hrs)

MTN iPulse Migration Code

Dial *406# and select 1

MTN XtraValue Bundles

Main ArticleMtn XtraValue Bundle Migration Code and Its Benefits

The MTN Xtravalue plan is another cool and much-welcomed tariff from MTN Nigeria. This plan may look ordinary in your eyes, however on a closer inspection, you’ll discover the hidden secrets of the MTN XtraValue bundles.

When you choose/decides to migrate to MTN XtraValue XS, you will pay for national calls N40/sec, so we can say that MTN XtraValue = MTN XtraPro + data bonus.

XtraTalk Size XS S M L XL
Bundle Cost N300 N500 N1000 N2000 N5000
Airtime Value for Calls N975 N1,950 N3,875 N9,750 N24,500
Data Value 50MB 100MB 312.50MB 625MB 1,666.67MB
How to Subscribe Text V300 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text V500 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text V1000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text V2000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text V5000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
XtraData Airtime Value for Calls N372.00 N624.00 N1,275 N2,560 N6,500
Data Value 150MB 300MB 750MB 2000MB 5000MB
How to Subscribe Text D300 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text D500 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text D1000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text D2000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Text D5000 to 131
OR Dial *131*2#
Validity 7 days 7 days 14 days 30 days 30 days
Selected International Destinations
  • USA, UK  Fixed, Italy, France, Hong kong, Singapore, India, Australia Fixed, Canada, China

List of ALL MTN Tariff Plans and Migration Codes

MTN Tru Talk+ Code

MTN Beta Talk Code

Dial *135*1#

MTN XtraPro Code
Dial *401# and select 1

MTN Xtra Special Code
Dial *408# and select 1

MTN iPulse Code
Dial *406# and select 1

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Hope this article satisfies your curiosity and needs. This is the complete list of all MTN Tariff plans and their Migration codes, including their benefits. If you have any questions, or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to share this information with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.