– Here is how to send the “Please call me back” message on 9Mobile
– How to send “please call me back” message on Airtel.
– How to send “Please call me back” message on Globacomm Nigeria.
– How to send “please call me back” message on MTN Nigeria.

In this page, I will be showing you, How to get send the Please Call Me Back Codes (USSD) on MTN, Glo, 9Mobile and Airtel networks in Nigeria.

Have you ever tried calling someone and you’re out of credit? Well, you’ve got two options, either you borrow or you send them a call me back sms. Just in case you want to borrow, Here is how to borrow Credit/Airtime from MTN, GLO, 9Mobile and AIRTEL.

please call me back

How To Send “Please Call Me Back” Message On 9Mobile, Airtel, Glo and MTN

Why You Should Know the Please Call Me Back code?

It is very important and vital to know your Nigerian selected telecommunication network call me back code. There are various reasons why this is important. For example, when you ran out of credit, you can simply send out a “Please Call Me Back Request” and the recipient may call you back.

Although this USSD code of “Please Call Me Back Codes” was launched several years ago to tackle this issue, It is still important in our today’s world, to send out this SOS when you need help or a call back.

In this page, you will get to know how to do the following, including the official USSD code to dial.


How to send Please Call Me Back Request On Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo and MTN




Here’s how to send Please Call Me Back on Airtel.

To send Please Call Me Back on Airtel, please follow the guidelines below, It is quite very simple and easy.


To send Pls Credit Me on Airtel, This is not the Please call Me back, but “please send me credit”

  • Dial *141*8*RECIPIENT NUMBER and send. The receiver will get the message almost immediately.


9mobile call me back code

For 9Mobile subscribers, here is how you can simply send the free 9Mobile call me back message, using this code below.

To send Please Call Me thank you on 9mobile, simply follow the guide shared below:

  • Dial *266*1*RECIPIENT NUMBER#

To send Please Call Me I Landed Safely on 9Mobile

  • Dial *266*2*RECIPIENT NUMBER#

To send Please Call Me, I Am Now Available on 9Mobile

  • Dial *266*3*RECIPIENT NUMBER#

To send Call Me Back, It’s An Emergency on 9Mobile,

  • Dial *266*4*RECIPIENT NUMBER#


send Please Call Me Back on Glo

For all my friends using the Glo network in Nigeria, here is the simple code to dial and send Please Call Me Back on Glo.

To send Please Call Me Back on Glo

  • Dial *125*RECIPIENT NUMBER# In 99% cases, the receiver tends to receive the message in less than 30 seconds.


mtn please call me back

Please take note that with MTN, you can send different personalised Call Me Back Request, unlike the Glo network, where you only have one option of Call Me Back Request.

To send Please Call Me Back, I Love You on MTN;

  • Dial *133*1*RECIPIENT NUMBER#.

To text Pls Send Me Credit on MTN;

  • Dial *133*2*RECIPIENT NUMBER#.

To send Please Call Me, I Have A Gist For You on MTN;

  • Dial *133*3*RECIPIENT NUMBER#.

To send Please Call Me, I Need Your Assistance on MTN

  • Dial *133*4*RECIPIENT NUMBER#.

However, MTN personalized this particular service, as all MTN users can also carry out all the above “Please Call Me Back variations” from a single dialed shortcode, all you need to do is this;

  • Dial *133#
  • When it opens, type in the receiver’s number
  • Then you can proceed and select the type of call me to send
  • Finally, click on Send.

Important Information

Please it is important to note here, that all Networks in Nigeria, inclusive of 9Mobile, Airtel, Glo and MTN has placed limitation on this service. You can send a maximum of 5 call me back requests within 24 hours (1 day)

The second rule of this service on all networks, is that you can ONLY send this message to a receiver on the same network. You can’t be on the MTN Network and send the call me sms to Airtel user.