Sisters are those we love and sometimes, they can get you so angry… However, they’ll always be our first love and we’ll cherish them forever. Here are over 100+ beautiful, cute and emotional birthday wishes for sister in English.

All these birthday wishes and messages shared on this page constitute a nice collection that you can send to your sister, to celebrate her birthday. These birthday wishes are compiled in such a way that a brother can send to his sister, a sister to her sister, mother, father, cousins, etc.

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Happy Birthday Sister messages

Blessing Birthday Wishes For Sister in English.

♥. Happy birthday to you my favourite. You’re God’s answer to my prayer. Wishing you many more beautiful years to come. Enjoy your special day! My best friend, partner-in-crime.

♥. Wishing you the happiest birthday celebration yet, my gorgeous, amazing, and beautiful sister. Dear, age gracefully. Greater height I pray for you. More grace more wins.

♥. As you celebrate your birthday today, May the door of prosperity, good health, and long life be your portion. May God answer all your secret and public heart desires. Happy birthday, lovely sis.

♥. Happy birthday, sis. May the heavens be gracious to you as you turn +1 today. Bless you, baby girl for life. Have a fantastic year.

blessing birthday wish for sister

♥. Happy birthday beautiful Sis. You’re not just my sister, but my best friend, someone who knows all my secrets, cries with me and laughs with me. I love you, and May God’s blessings know no end in your life.

♥. Happy birthday to my one and only beautiful and amazingly hard-working sister. The desires of your heart are being met as we speak. Because Doors are being open for your sake. Doors of prosperity, long life and good health. Love you, sis.

♥. Happy birthday to my lovely, kind-hearted and gorgeous sister. I thank God for choosing you, out of billions of girls worldwide, to be my sister. I love you.

♥. Happy birthday to the ever-hardworking, smart, pretty and God-fearing sister. Keep smiling, keep shining, because God isn’t through with blessing you, sis. Cheers my friend!

♥. Wishing my favourite girl on planet earth, a happy birthday. Have a great birthday sweetie and keep soaring. You know I’ll always Love you, right? God bless you abundantly.

♥. Happy birthday to my gist partner, the girl who knows my favourite song, knows my footstep, and everything about me. I love you and am wishing you, the happiest, most joyous birthday celebration. May God’s blessings in your life never cease.

♥. Today is your day, so you’re allowed to black WhatsApp, Facebook, SnapChat, and Instagram red. Wishing you a happy birthday celebration, sis. May God continuously bless you.

Blessing Birthday Wishes For Sister

♥. For your kind words, advice, love and knowing that no matter what, you’ll always stand by me, thank you. I love you and May God bless you as you celebrate your birthday today.

♥. You’ve done so much for me, stood by me, loved me, and everything. Nah, today, I won’t keep calm, because it’s the birthday of my gorgeous, beautiful, kind, generous sister. I love you, and happy birthday.

♥. May God’s hand continue to protect, and grant you, all your heart desires. While others are shooting for the moon, the moon will be your starting point. Happy birthday to my lovely, and beautiful sister.

♥. I wish you greater heights in life, and May God see that your dreams become reality. Keep soaring higher as an eagle. Happy birthday, sister.

Best Ever Birthday Wishes for Sister that she will remember always

♥. You’ll soar higher than the eagle. God is taking you places where Kings, Queens, and noblemen will rise before you seat down. Happy birthday my lovely sister.

♥. Happy birthday my Sis. Lots of love. May your day and year be as fabulous as ever. You’re gorgeous, but next year, your beauty will be world-class. Once again, happy birthday dear, God bless you.

♥. May God’s prophecy manifest in your life. May you never be found lacking, or wanting in God’s favour. You’ll be blessed among men. Happy birthday my ever-beautiful, quiet-but-talkative sister. I so much love you.

♥. May God bless you throughout this year and next year. Continue growing in the wisdom and knowledge of God! Happy birthday, sis.

♥. Happy birthday, to my lovely Sister. As you’ve entered a new age, may you never lack. You’ll be blessed and favoured among men. Wishing you many more years of good health and prosperity dearest. I’ll always love you.

♥. Happy birthday, You’re entering your year of fruitfulness. May everything your hand touch, turn Gold. Arise and soar high among your peers, love you my beautiful and dearest sister.

♥. Happy birthday to God’s favourite. The girl who is lavished with God’s blessings all around. May you continue to be bless among men. You’ll never lack or beg, but be a blessing to nations. Happy birthday, my lovely sister.

♥. I pray for God’s abundant blessings upon you, dear. May this day bring you all the blessings you desire and open doors for everything good you wish yourself. Happy birthday my lovely sister.

♥. May God bless you abundantly. This new age you’ve entered, my God’s blessing quadruple in your life, sweetheart. You’ll lend to nations and never borrow. Your home, and family, are blessed. Happy birthday.

♥. Shine brighter, my beautiful sister. In this new age, your blessings will blind the eyes of your enemies. Your story will motivate hundreds of millions around the world. Bigger you, sister. Happy birthday.

♥. Happy birthday, to my lovely sister. Your children are bless, your husband will prosper more. Your income and business will triple. Happy birthday my lovely and ever-beautiful sister.

♥. Wishing you many happy returns in good health and prosperity. Happy birthday to My SISTER with the biggest heart, always caring, and loving. May God add more wisdom and more money to this new age.

Blessing Birthday Wishes For my sister

♥. Happy birthday to you, my sister, best friend, my mirror, and fashionista. May the joy and blessings of the Lord never depart from your life. Everywhere you go, people will call you blessed of the Lord.

♥. May you live to fulfil the purpose of God in your life, today and always. Happy birthday lovely sister. Remain blessed and prosper more.

♥. The hand of God is visible and undeniable in your life. Continue walking in the light and continue trusting God, because he’s taking you to a level that will shock everyone who knows you. Happy birthday, sis.

♥. I’ll continuously and forever thank the Lord for His grace and glory, for blessing me with a sister like you. Happy birthday, my dearest Sister. May He perfect all that concerns you forever in the mighty name of Jesus’ Christ, AMEN!

♥. Birthday blessings to you my dear friend and Sister. Today is your day, and May all your prayers, and heart desires be answered in Jesus Christ’s mighty name, Amen.

♥. Happy birthday my sister. May your Heavens remain open today and forever more in Jesus’ name. Remain bless and prosperous. I love you so much.

♥. Words may fail me if I begin to put my feelings into writing in describing you, your personality, generosity, wisdom, and everything. You are a rare sister, mother and wife. I celebrate you, my sister. May your days continue to radiate like a diamond while fulfilling your purpose in life and being a blessing to millions of people around the world.

♥. Toast for many years with good health and long life! Happy birthday, sister.

Long Blessing Birthday Wishes for Sister.

Long Blessing Birthday Wishes for Sister

♠. Happy birthday the rarest sister in the world. Others have friends who are best friends, advisors, Godly, smart, fashionista, kind-hearted, gorgeous, and YOU’RE ALL IN ONE. You’re truly special. Happy birthday to my special Sister, God blesses your new age.

♠. Happy birthday, sister. May God continue to bless and prosper you. As you celebrate your new age, I pray for good health and all-round breakthroughs for you in Jesus Christ’s mighty name, Amen. Congratulations my dear friend.

♠. As you enter your new age. I prophesy into your life. Today marks the beginning of great things in your life. May God’s love and divine protection encompass your new age! Best wishes and happy birthday to a lady with a beautiful heart who I am forever proud to call my sister.

♠. Happy birthday to my partner in crime. My diary, the lady who knows all my secrets. You are indeed an example for the upcoming generation. Keep doing you, because YOU is awesome. God bless you today and always.

♠. Words can’t describe how happy I am. Today looks different and feels different because today marks a glorious day in my life when an Angel was born many years ago. Happy birthday, sister.

♠. Age gracefully in good health of mind and body, may line fall for you in pleasant places, and may God bless your day with heavenly blessings. Happy birthday, sister.

♠. The blessings of the lord come and add no sorrow. You know the blessings of the Lord has no duplicate. As you celebrate your birthday, May God’s blessing enriches your life and take you to higher heights. Happy birthday, sister.

♠. Happy birthday, sister. Wishing you the best of everything good, life has to offer. Ensure you have fun to the fullest today because it’s your day. I Love you always.

♠. Happy birthday my sister, wishing you heaven’s best on this special day. Today belongs to you, and I pray to God, that he grants you, your heart desires. Best wishes dearest.

♠. I wish you long life and prosperity, I wish you God’s divine favour in all areas of your life! Happy birthday my sister. Best wishes on this special day.

♠. Happy birthday to a woman with a beautiful heart, God bless you and your family. You’ll lend to nations and never borrow. May the Lord God almighty continue to prosper you, and perfect his will in your life.

♠. Happy birthday, sister. I pray that God’s blessings never cease in your life. May he continue to prosper you, uplift you, bless the works of your hands and everything you touch, will turn gold. Happy birthday dear sister.

♠. Happy birthday to the receiver of this message. My sister, my best friend, my gist partner, my longest friend who I’ve quarrelled and reconciled with countless times. You’re one of a kind and I’ll always love you.

♠. If I am asked to choose a sister in the next life, I’ll smile and choose you a million times over, because you’re rare and one in a billion. May you experience God’s blessings in your life in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen. Happy birthday, sister.

Blessing Birthday Wishes for Sister

♠. You’re special in so many ways. Kind heart, lovely, prayer, and caring. Welcome to your season of endless joy and total peace. Happy birthday to you, my sister.

♠. Everything good, everything beautiful, everything you’ve ever desired is coming into your life as you enter this new age. Happy birthday, cute sis.

♠. May your life be ripe with opportunities and happiness. As you clock +1 today, may you experience God’s divine intervention and favour from now henceforth. May God never stop blessing and keeping you. Happy blessed day!

♠. Happy birthday to you, a good and kind-hearted sister. I can compile a thousand words to describe your personality because you’re a rare type. Happy birthday my sister. You’re entering into your year of greatness.

♠. The Lord bless you, keep you, prosper you, uplift you, and may he causes His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you in Jesus’ name, Amen! Happy birthday, sis.

♠. Happy birthday my beautiful big Sister. My sister and best friend. You’ve always been there for me, and for that, I am forever grateful. I can’t remember a situation where you’ve not come through for me. I wish you the best and know you’re my HERO.

♠. You’ve looked out for me from childhood and saying thank you is not enough. You’ve proven your love, selflessly depriving yourself of things because of me, I love you and May God replenish you. Happy birthday my sister, best friend, adviser, and trustee.

♠. I pray that this new year brings you unending happiness and blessings because you deserve the best of everything. May the Lord bless and preserve all that is yours, Amen!

♠. For the previous year, we give God all the glory. Because he has graced you with good health to witness another year added to your life. As you enter this new age, Our wish is for you to live to see more healthy years. Happy birthday my sister!

♠. HBD big sis. Your contagious smile, lovely personality, beautiful heart, and always eager to help has taught me a lot about life. I love you sis.

♠. Happy birthday to you my beautiful sexy sister and many more years to come happy for you.

♠. Congratulations on your new age. Many people couldn’t see today but here we are, healthy, and happy. Happy birthday Sis, may God grant you long life, health and prosperity.

Short Blessing Birthday Wishes For Sister.

Short Blessing Birthday Wishes For Sister

♣. Thank God for making us see today, and rejoice with you as you celebrate adding another year to your age. May God prosper you, provide for you, protect you, and grant you, all your heart desires. Happy birthday, sister.

♣. You’re +1 today! Hurray! And a big congratulation. Wishing you good health and God’s blessing. Have a blessed day, cute and amazing sis.

♣. Wow! God have added another year to your age. Happy birthday beautiful, cute, kind-hearted and gorgeous sis. Wishing you all the best. May God grant your heart’s desires both now and always.

♣. Today’s your day. Happy birthday my darling sister. Welcome to your new age, and my fervent prayer to God is that he blesses your new age, and grants you, all your heart desires. I wish you more celebrations in Jesus’ name.

♣. Today marks a wonderful day in my life because I was blessed with a sister, and best friend, years ago. As you celebrate today, may Joy, happiness and prosperity never depart from your life. Happy birthday, sister.

♣. HBD to a beautiful and gentle lady who I am blessed to have as a sister. As we celebrate your birthday today, may all your prayers be answered in Jesus Christ mighty name, Amen. God bless you and grant your heart’s desire.

♣. I can’t stop smiling! I woke up happy today because it’s the birthday of my lovely sis. HBD to you babe, and wishing you, many more glorious years. May God bless your new age.

♣. HBD to the best sister in the whole world. You made my childhood unforgettable and fun. Now as I grow older, I discover I have a best friend in you. More grace as you celebrate your new age. Happy birthday, babe!

♣. These are my request to God: That he grants you Divine favour, prosperity, long life, grace and peace all-round in Jesus’ name. God bless you more and happy birthday my love!

♣. As you clock a new age, may God give you weekly testimonies. May laughter, happiness and joy never depart your home. You’ll prosper beyond your wildest imagination. Happy birthday my lovely sister.

♣. Happy birthday to my one and only sister. I am so glad that among billions of girls, God chooses you specifically to be my sister. Age graciously. Congratulations!

♣. As you enter your new age, May God continues to enrich you with His wisdom and knowledge. May the next 365 days be filled with a cute smile, happiness, more money, more businesses and good health.

♣. Happy birthday to the most beautiful sister on God’s green earth. In the next 365 days, you’ll never lack. You’ll only cry tears of joy. May everything fall into places for you. Happy birthday, dearest.

♣. Happy birthday to a beautiful angel, may the good God bless your years. I will forever be grateful to God that he chooses you to be my sister. Happy birthday my beautiful and cute sister.

♣. The blessings of the Lord will never depart your life. Your life will be filled with testimony and laughter. Welcome to another 365 days of joy, happiness and prosperity. Happy birthday, sis.

♣. Long live the most beautiful, fearless, cute, and bravest sister in the world. I so much love you. Happy birthday, sister.

♣. Happy birthday to the queen of my heart. My sister who has sacrificed so much for me, who has fought and continues believing in me. I consider myself blessed to have a sister like you. Happy birthday once again.

♣. As you enter the journey to another 365 days, you are lifted beyond measure. Wishing you the best of life babe, happy birthday.

♣. You know I can’t and won’t keep calm! Because it’s my lovely sister’s birthday. Happy birthday sweet girl, more beautiful years filled with God’s all-around blessings. May God take you light years ahead of your enemies. Blessings my lovely.

♣. May the Lord do something remarkable in your life today and always. Happy birthday, sister.

♣. Today, I’ll be sending you a happy birthday message in the morning, afternoon, and night, because you deserved so much more. Happy bornday, princess.

♣. Happy birthday sweetheart with a good heart, I wish you the very best dearie. Cheers and congratulation! This congratulation will be the first among thousands you’ll receive in the next 365 days.

♣. Happy birthday my sweet and ever-smiling sister, may the Almighty God continue to guide and direct your footstep, and may his favour forever be your portion. You deserve the world because you’re the loveliest sister in the world.

♣. Happy birthday to my cute, gorgeous, lovely, pretty, amazing, hardworking, smart, princess and queen. May you live more to see hundreds of your birthdays, Amen!. hip, hip, hip, hurray. Enjoy your day!

♣. Today marks the day you’re adding another year to your age. Happy birthday lovely sister. Gorgeous queen. Pretty girl with a beautiful heart and a smart brain. I love you, sis.

♣. As you celebrate your birthday today, May this new age open doors for greater opportunities and fruitful increases in all areas of your life. Happy birthday to my one and only pretty sister.

♣. Happy birthday, sis. May this new age bring you the grace to move forward in life. I pray for a more prosperous and fruitful year in your life. Best wishes and kindest regards to your children and husband.

♣. May this new age bring you the heart to grow stronger in all capacities to face challenges and overcome them all to achieve more blessings that await you in life. Keep winning sis.

♣. Keep moving Sis! Don’t wait for anyone because you have so much to do and accomplish in this world. You’re a symbol of strength to everyone around you. Happy birthday, sister.

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