First Bank plc has made it possible for all customers (including new and old) with active accounts to easily buy airtime and data packages through their portal.
If you are a new or old customer with First Bank Nigeria, you can actually buy airtime and data plan for yourself and anyone whenever you want. Through this page, I will be showing you how to buy data from your First bank account.
Buy Data Packages and Airtime with First Bank
Instead of the old methods of just sharing the guide, I will be providing you a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on buying airtime and data from First bank Nigeria.

How can I transfer airtime from FirstBank?

The step by step tutorial shared below will be showing you, how to transfer airtime from First Bank to another number. (Although this is not like transferring your money from your first bank account to your phone number, rather, it’s buying airtime from your account balance to your phone number.
To transfer/buy airtime, you need to dial *894*500# To recharge N500 airtime on your mobile number registered with FirstBank.
However, if you want to recharge another phone number which is not your own, simply dial this USSD: *894*500*add the recipient number# you want to recharge N500 airtime. If this is your first time, you need to either create or reset your 5-digit PIN.
How To Transfer Money From First Bank To Another Bank Account?
For all first bank account holders who are not yet familiarized with the method on how to transfer money from First Bank using USSD to another bank account, follow the guide below.
To send money from your First Bank account to another bank, dial this USSD: *894*AMOUNT TO TRANSFER*ACCOUNT NUMBER YOU ARE TRANSFERRING THE MONEY TO#.
For example, *894*5000*1234567890# To transfer N5000 to account number 1234567890 in any bank in Nigeria.

How To Buy Data from First Bank.

Most bank users are not aware that they can easily buy Data plans through their Bank. First Bank customers can now easily and quickly buy data plan. But its not like you can directly buy Internet packages from First Bank, rather, you can top-up your airtime and buy Data plan of your choice.
First, dial *894*amount#. If you want to recharge N500 or any amount of your choice, dial *894*500# and your phone number connected with the bank will be recharged. Then you use the 500 naira to buy any data plan of your choice.
To recharge a friend’s or another of your number, simply dial *894*Amount*number#. For example, if you want to recharge N1,000 on 08031234567, dial *894*1000*08031234567# and it will be recharged.
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Infographic: How to Buy Airtime via First Bank.

buy airtime on first bank

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