Recalled that the Central Bank of Nigeria (cbn) made a mandatory rule, over-ruling and banning all Nigerian banks ATM cards, including the following;
Verve, etc
From operating outside the shores of Nigeria, this military order was forcefully put into work on the 1st of January 2016, Though there were several protests from international communities, including Nigerian students studying abroad, but all to no avail, as the CBN didn’t shift their ground. But as at the time of writing this article, the GTBank atm can still make international payment, and we doubt it will ever be limited, because GTBank is innovative and are working round the clock to ensure their customers still do transaction online.
Using this medium, we wish to inform and notify members of the general public, especially all persons, who using their GTBank Naira MasterCard for international payments, this is a very important information.
All persons who are making international payment should note that when using their GTBank mastercard for payment, note that at the very point of payment, you may be given the option of paying in Naira or the currency of the country you are transacting in, mainly in Dollars, Euro, Pounds, Yen, etc.
All persons doing international transaction should also be advised that selecting the option of paying in Naira attracts an additional charge, which will make the total amount debited to your account higher than the amount which is normally displayed by the merchant.
However, this can be avoidable. For you to avoid the discrepancy or this difference in transaction amount, please do choose to pay in the currency of the country you are making payments, so as to ease the additional fee.
However, if you have questions or further enquiries, you can contact the GTBank customer support through their email ID or their phone numbers.
Interactive self-service Contact Centre on;
But if the issue is pressing and you would love to speak with a Cardholder Services agent, follow the voice prompt and select the option for Card Enquiries.
Best wishes and we hope the year 2016 brings joy to you.

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