Yes, i know you are aware of whatApps is, that is why you came here, to look for simple methods or guidelines on how to install and Download WhatsApp on your Pc, where you can easily chat with yours friends on your Pc/Laptop.
However, before showing you the simple tutorial on how to run the WhatsApp mobile application on your Pc, i would love to explain what exactly WhatsApp Application is all about.
Okay, i will be sharing with you, the simplest way which i used to install and started using WhatsApp on my Laptop without a single issu, chatting with my Friends and also sharing Photos among others too.
Are yYou are using the WhatsApp Mobile Application on your Mobile on a regular basis?
Many of our readers have asked us on several occasion how they can successfully install the WhatsApp on the Desktop PC’s or Laptop and start chatting with their friends.
So here are the simple step by step guidelines for you guys to install the Chatting / Social Application on your PC,
While for our readers, and most especially, those readers who don’t know much about the WhatsApp, like we stated above, WhatApps is a Messaging and data sharing application for the following model of phones.

  1. iOS
  2. Android,
  3. BlackBerry
  4. Symbian.

However, WhatsApp application is one of the most popular apps across the web.
Sadly, if you are not using that phone which is highlighted above, and you have a PC at home, then consider yourself lucky today that you have seen this post on
Well, still we have a better solution for you, and you are not needed to have a Smartphone for WhatsApp.  So here we are going to start the guideline for you.

how to install whatsApp on pc

how to install whatsApp on pc

Simple Guidelines On How To Install and Use WhatsApp on Desktop Computer / Laptop Easily

The tutorial is a way easy task to accomplish, and easily you can follow it. But you need to install some programs to install WhatsApp on desktop Screen.
Step 1:
Initially you are required to download a mobile emulator on your PC, and a Mobile EMulator helps bring all Mobile Application to your PC for FREE.
For iPhone this app is not free, we suggest you to use Android mobile emulators on for the PC because it is easy to use and it is FREE and easily installed.
Additionally WhatsApp is available and is free to use, since it is a social Network.
The most liked device is emulators are YouWave (Which is not free and gives you only ten days Trial)  which allows you install WhatsApp on PC i.e., the Windows OS platform.
However, the best one i would recommend to you is the  BlueStacks mobile emulator for the Mac.
Download YouWave Here
Download BlueStacks Here
Step 2:
After dowmloading the Bluestack Apllicationor the YouWave, if you have Money to renews the Aplication After 10 days trial.
Please note that a notification will be alert you that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread interfaces on the desktop Screen.
The very next step, is that you are required to launch the Web Browser in the emulator, and copy the following and download it as a free. Download it and launch the .APK file. And run the whole setup as you did for the Android.
After you have successfully Download any of the above application, just install it on your pc.
 Step 3:
If yo are a new User, then just Register and use your original mobile phone number, because you need to enter your number to match up with WhatsApp account, and to allow using the Whatsapp on your PC.
You need to enter the phone number to verify the mobile emulator Screen.  After entering the number, a verification code will be texted to you. Enter the verification code and confirm the identity.
However, i when i did registered, i verified my WhatsApp account via a phone call from WhatsApp.
Step 4:
 In a few moments, if you already have an account,  the account will be found and you will be automatically login into your WhatsApp account on the PC screen. Wait, you must have a knowledge of this thing that if you are using the WhatsApp on your phone too, you will enable to use it. Means you can use it on one device only or you will get the messages on the Desktop.
Step 5:
Please note that the mediator apps like that of the BlueStacks and YouWave, perform like an emulator to boost up of the WhatsApp clients on the desktop.
Moreover all the other stuff like smiles, profile image, images and status updates are also there for you to make your chat more user friendly.
You can also access the previous time click same like you did for the Smartphone. Recently we are also working for the BBM install on the Desktop, and when we have found a way on how to successfully install BBM on Pc, we will also share the tutorial her with you.
YES!!!, WhatsApp is now installed on your PC, so you can now successfully chat with your friends via your PC.
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