This is one question most Nigerians and fans of these amazing brothers are asking. Obviously, you know that the Billionaire E-Money and Nigerian Musician, Kcee are blood brothers, right?
Well, the question did come up several times when we wrote on E-Money net-worth and Biography, which prompted me to explain everything here.
Another question fans of E-Money and Kcee would want to know is that between the two brothers, who is more richer, right? I will be providing you with all the juicy answers here.
Kcee and E-money who is older
I don’t know why, but am already feeling like a gossip today!

E-money and Kcee: Who is older? It is no doubt one of Nigeria’s biggest questions whenever we come across the two handsome brothers. But for you who want to know between E-money and Kcee, who is older, am cooking the answer for you.
The award-winning Nigerian artist in once of his instagram post, called his brother E-Money, the youngest naira billionaire in Nigeria.
Fans most times gets confused and few does know the answer to the question of whether Kcee is older than E-money.
From all indication, it’s truth that both brothers are fond of luxurious cars and extravagant lifestyle. And from pictures the siblings love taking, you’ll discover that E-money is bigger and taller than Kcee.
This is the major reason why people are often mistaken in E-money`s age with that of his sibling, Kcee.
Before revealing their age here, Let me give you a small biography about the brothers.




Kingsley Okonkwo was born on the 18th of April, 1979. Now he is 40 years old. His is mostly known by his stage name, Kcee.
There is no doubt that Kcee is one of the most successful Nigerian musicians and songwriters. Presently, Kcee has a fruitful agreement with prominent record label 5-star music, which I may add, is owned by his billioniare brother, E-Money.
The popularity of this fine artist goes far beyond the country. AND finally, here is the answer to your Question;
Kcee is the older brother of Nigerian business mogul E-money.


e money cars
Born Emeka Okonkwo on February 18, 1981. Now E-money`s age is 38. This man is allegedly the youngest Naira billionaire in business in Nigeria. Why I used the word “Alleged” is because he has not yet been recognized as the youngest Billionaire in Nigeria by any reputable sources.
However, his lifestyle which he does not hesitate to showcase and use to motivate other young people that Success is possible, shows he’s worth Billions.
If you missed the first answer, I’ll like to repeat myself here again, E-money is the younger brother to Nigerian musician, Kcee.
Just like his elder brother, most people won’t know him if you ask for Emeka Okonkwo, but when you ask for E-Money or “Arab money”, which he is another nickname, almost all Nigerian youths knows him.
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