Who in Nigeria, especially internet users, who don’t know about Linda Ikeji? But do you know of her siblings too? Here is everything you need to know about Linda Ikeji Siblings, number of sisters, brother, and family photos.

The popular blogger has a rather large family, thanks to her mum and Dad. Linda has 5 sisters and one brother making them 7 in total. From their Instagram quotes, mentions, and pictures, it’s no secret that the siblings get along well together.

The popular family, who many tagged “The Kardashian Family of Nigeria” came together to take a sibling picture, and this is something you don’t see regularly.

Africa’s biggest Celebrity blogger, Linda has had so many celebrity clashes over the years, including her fiasco with Wizkid, Jim Iyke, and recently her baby daddy. Linda truly knows how to dominate the Nigerian news headlines.

Linda Ikeji Family

Linda Ikeji Family

Update: Laura, the most outspoken one, decided to share on her Instagram, a picture of the Ikeji’s family together in London which she captions ” Family is everything! The Ikejis re in town”.

Linda ikeji sisters

Linda ikeji family

In this photo, you can see Linda Ikeji, Her Sisters, Brother, and Parents Step Out In Style In London, the UK on 10th July 2019. The Millionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji, her son, and families step together as they share cute photos that were uploaded on their Instagram accounts.

throwback photo of Linda Ikeji Family

throwback photo of Linda Ikeji Family

Linda Ikeji siblings photos

Linda Ikeji siblings photos

linda ikeji siblings

Her very much popular sister and dance lover, Laura Ikeji, heaped praise on Linda for making everyone in the family rich.

There are lots of things that one doesn’t know about Linda Ikeji, including her girl’s promotional works. Here’s a picture of Linda with some of the girls she’s mentoring.

Linda Ikeji helping Young Ladies in Nigeria

Linda Ikeji Son

Linda Ikeji’s siblings and parents are not only the family the Popular blogger has but also son Jayce, which she welcomed in Atlanta, USA. Below is a photo of Linda Ikeji’s son Jayce.

Linda Ikeji son Jayce

Linda Ikeji son Jayce

Linda Ikeji Sisters.

Vera Ikeji is one of her younger sisters and she is less popular than Laura Ikeji Nwankwo. Vera currently lives in the United States of America with her husband.

Laura Ikeji is the second in command after our own Linda. Laura seems to be the girl who is always the happy one in a group. Laura gained bigger popularity than any of her siblings, excluding Linda of course. After Linda Ikeji, the second most popular Ikeji is Laura. This is due to her outspoken nature, dancing steps, and happy altitudes.

She made herself the “unofficial” mouthpiece of Linda Ikeji. If you dare insult Linda Ikeji on Instagram, please be prepared for the “Laura’s bomb”.

Sandra Ikeji seems the exact opposite of Laura and Linda when it comes to popularity. Sandra is one of the least known among her sisters, she seems like a girl who doesn’t like standing in the spotlight of fame, the direct opposite of her big sis, Laura who bask in the euphoria and bath in Fame.

Peks Ikeji is the only brother of Linda Ikeji, and he is fondly called a comedian in the family. He’s the only boy among Ikeji’s siblings. Back in 2014, he got a brand new Honda Accord as a birthday gift from big sis – Linda Ikeji.

Much is not known about the other two sisters, who are based abroad.

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