When it comes to Kannywood, there are a lot of beautiful and talented actresses there, and Nafisa Abdullahi is one of them. Today on Styzic, I will be writing on the complete biography of Nafisa Abdullahi, her phone number, Facebook page, Instagram page, Children, Marriage, Husband, and movies.

Born Nafisat Abdulrahman Abdullahi in Jos, the capital city of Plateau State, Nigeria. The Actress is mostly known as Nafisat Abdullahi. The actress has received quite a lot of awards for her talents in acting.

The actress received a City People Entertainment Award in the year 2013 for Best Actress and a Kannywood Award in 2014 for Best Kannywood Actress, Popular Choice Award.

The actress began her career in acting at the young age of 19. She got her first major leading role in the Movie titled “Sai Wata Rana” which was produced in 2010 by FKD Production and directed by one of Kannywood’s finest Actress, Ali Nuhu.

In 2012, the actress, Nafisat Abdullahi appeared in Blood and Henna, a Nigerian film which was directed by Kenneth Gyang. She featured alongside, some of the biggest names in the Movie industry, including Ali Nuhu and Sadiq Sani Sadiq.

The movie went on to receive 6 nominations at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards and won Best Costume Design. Nafisat was also featured in the hit movie, Lamiraj.

The Movie Lamiraj helped the actress in winning the “Best Actress” in 2013 and her role in the blockbuster film, “Ya Daga Allah” in 2014, and both of these Movies was directed by Aminu Saira.

Nafisat Abdullahi Profile.

Name: Nafisat Abdulrahman Abdullahi
Occupation: Actress
State of Origin: Kano State
Resident: Plateau State.
Nationality: Nigeria

Nafisa Abdullahi Biography.

Here is the official Biography of this actress, Nafisa Abdullahi. Nafisa Abdullahi is a very popular actress of Kannywood. Nafisa was born on January 23rd, 1991 in Jos, the capital city of Plateau, Nigeria. The actress was born in a family of four.

Nafisa was born and brought up in Jos. Her father hailed from Kano state but settled in Jos before birthing the talented Actress.

The actress begins her basic education in Jos and completed her secondary school education in the Government Girls Secondary School Dutse in Abuja. She graduated from the University in 2007.

The talented Ebony actress begins acting in early 2009, and very soon became a household name in the Northern Nigeria Movie industry, Kannywood.

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Just like other Kannywood Actress, Nafisa was not spared from controversies as she was suspended from acting in Kannywood in 2013. The reason for her suspension was that she organized a party and when summoned, failed to appear before a disciplinary committee.

The suspension which the Kannywood disciplinary committee gave her was billed to last for two consecutive years but was however lifted in August 2013, barely two months after, and since then she returns fully in acting.

Nafisa Abdullahi Age.

Nafisa was born on 23 January 1991 in Jos, Nigeria.

Nafisa Abdullahi Marriage

Nafisa once made national headlines when she disclosed that she won’t dare marry an actor from Kannywood whoever he may be, mainly because she had many suitors that she can choose form.

The actress made this statement during their interview with Legit NewsPaper while being questioned in an interview.

When asked about her marriage ceremony which was called off sometimes ago, the actress replied and said that she doesn’t know anything about it, that perhaps it might be those News websites carrying fake news that have fixed the marriage date for her.

The actress continued by saying that she had a number of lovers and that she has already nominated one to marry among them if God wills it, but reaffirmed that he is not a Kannywood actor.

Nafisa Abdullahi Phone Number.

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Nafisa Abdullahi Movies.

Ummi Ummi
zango Ya daga Allah
Ya daga Allah Yar Agadez
Yar Agadez Addini ko Al’Ada
Addini ko Al’Ada Ahlul Kitab
Ahlul Kitab Alkawarina
Alkawarina Alhaki Kwikwiyo
Alhaki Kwikwiyo Alhini
Alhini Allo (film)
Allo (film) Auren Tagwaye
Auren Tagwaye Baban Sadik
Baban Sadik Badi Ba Rai
Badi Ba Rai Ban Kasheta Ba
Ban Kasheta Ba Blood and Henna
Blood and Henna Cikin Waye?
Cikin Waye? Dan Almajiri
Dan Almajiri Dan Marayan Zaki
Dan Marayan Zaki Dawo Dawo
Farar Saka
Dare Fataken Dare
Dawo Dawo Gabar Cikin Gida
Farar Saka Haaja
Har Abada
Fataken Dare Jari Hujja
Gabar Cikin Gida Laifin Dadi
Haaja Lamiraj
Har Abada Madubin Dubawa
Jari Hujja Ummi
Laifin Dadi Ya daga Allah
Lamiraj Yar Agadez
Madubin Dubawa Addini ko Al’Ada
Guguwar So Ahlul Kitab
Baiwar Allah Alkawarina


Year Award Category Film Result
2013 City People Entertainment Award Best Actress of the Year (Kannywood) ‘Ya Daga Allah Won
2014 City People Entertainment Award Best Actress of the Year (Kannywood) Special Awards Nominated
2014 1st Kannywood Awards Best Kannywood Actress (Popular Choice Award) Dan Marayan Zaki Won
2014 AMMA Awards Best Actress of the Year Dan Marayan Zaki Won
2015 City People Entertainment Award Best Actress of the Year (Kannywood) Special Awards Nominated
2015 2nd Kannywood Awards Best Kannywood Actress Special Awards Won
2016 City People Entertainment Award Best Actress of the Year (Kannywood) Special Awards Won
2016 AMMA Awards Best Actress of the Year Da’iman Won
2016 3rd Kannywood Awards Best Kannywood Actress Baiwar Allah Won

Nafisat Abdullahi Social Media Accounts.

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