If you’re asked what is the best site to download Free TV Series in HD, what’s your answer going to be? HDMoviesHub, Movierulz, MoviesverseFilmyWap, or o2tvseries?

o2Tvseries have been dominating for years, and with the site constantly being updated with the latest movies, TV shows, and newly released episodes of seasonal movies, it’s not difficult to understand why the site is popular.

I am not here to sing the praise of o2Tvseries, but to give you, an in-depth review of this site, including how to download movies & Tv-series, and Episodes in 1080p, HD, 3GP and MP4 Formats to your Smartphone or PC.

If you are searching for a website where you can download the complete season series in various formats like HD, MP4, and 3GP formats? Then o2tvseries is the answer.

In this portal, download is unlimited and you can easily download everything for free without paying a dime. The o2tvseries platform offers users complete movies and TV series without the need to register, plus the interface is user-friendly.

For avid movie lovers who follow movies by episodes and want to always stay up to date, then you’ll be glad to hear that this particular movie-downloading website usually uploads the latest Tv series within Minutes/hours when it is released.

I will be showing you, how to fully maximise and utilize this portal, and how you can download movies in 3GP, Mp4 and HD formats on the site, keep on reading.

How to Download o2tvseries Movies.

Downloading movies from o2tvseries is easy, and this guide will make it even easier for you to grasp how to do it yourself without any stress.

For those who absolutely cannot do without watching series like me, here is how to download tv series from o2tvseries. You know, finding a website where one is allowed to download movies and series without sign-up is hectic, But o2tvseries allows you to download series without any sign-up request or stress.

Guide to Download o2tvseries movies on a Computer.

1. Visit the o2tvseries site.

The first step to downloading a movie/web series from this portal is to visit the site’s homepage, which contains two sections; Recently added and the General tv series collection. In the Recently Added section of this portal, you get to see the latest episodes of various tv series, including newly released, trending and popular series. However, you should know that the episodes listed in this page are not clickable.

2. Search for series on o2tvseries.

o2tvseries search results
Most times, visitors have an exact movie they want to watch, which is why the Search bar was introduced. To download an episode, you can either scroll down to the section where all the tv series are listed in alphabetical order, or you can just use the search bar which is very much preferable.

For example, if you want to download an episode from Game of Thrones, locate the search bar and type in “Game of Thrones” and click enter.

From the search results, ignore the ones that link to tvshows4mobile (it’s a site for mobile users) and click on the most appropriate result which links to o2tvseries.

3. Navigate to the desired Episode.

Although this rarely happens, if the results provided to you by o2tvseries do not give you the exact season or episode you want to download, there is another secret page to get it from.

The top section provides navigation to the root directory of the series from which you can browse a specific season and episodes contained within the series.

o2tvseries series

4. Select video quality to Download.

Using the guide provided above, and you have opened the episode you want to download, you will be asked to choose the video download quality of your choice. For better quality, I always recommend an mp4 file.

To download an episode, click on the file and on the next page, you’ll be asked to enter a displayed captcha to prove that you are human (series of non-relating words and numbers exactly in the box provided), and then click Continue to download.

I have discovered that on certain browsers, the download starts automatically, while in some other browsers, the video starts playing immediately. For those using browsers where the video starts playing instead of downloading, simply press Ctrl+S and save the file to commence your download.

This will start the download right away.

How to download o2tvseries movies on mobile.

Visit the site at tvshows4mobile

Take note that this website homepage is divided into two segments, which are:

  • Recently Added episodes,
  • General series collection.

Search for series in the search bar:

Just like the o2tvseries website for PC, you can utilize the search bar and use it to make things better. If you discover a newly added series from the recently added section you want to download, simply go to the search bar and enter the series title.

In this guide, I will be using “Arrow” as a case study/example to explain how you can quickly download movies from o2tvseries mobile website.

Navigating to the desired episode.

If the result doesn’t give you the exact episode you want to download, you can use the navigation at the top to move to the root directory where all the “Arrow” series/episodes are contained.


Choose video quality and proceed to download

When you have seen the Episode you want to download, click on it. The next page will ask you to choose a download quality. I recommend an mp4 file for HD display quality and clarity.
tvshows4mobile video quality
You will also be required to verify that you are human by entering a displayed captcha in the column provided. This is for first-time visitors.

After entering the captcha, simply click on “Continue” to start your download. When it starts playing the video, long press on the player and choose “download”.

Although some browsers automatically start downloading without playing the video.


Finally, I would love to conclude that o2tvseries is one of the best movie/series downloading platform in the world.

However, it has its own negative side, which is pop-up ads, and honestly speaking, it is very annoying. But you should know that these pop-up ads are what have been providing them with the financial resources to keep the site live. However, if you tried opening any tab in o2tvseries but it opens unnecessary tabs, just close and click on the tab/link again.

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