Are you getting bored at home? if yes, why not do something interesting and entertaining? One way to make the best ways of destroying boredom. So if watching movies is the best way out of boredom, what are the best websites for watching Movies.

Hundred of millions of people, have agreed that watching Movies is one of the best ways of entertaining yourself, and spending free time whenever you are getting bored at home.

But one question that keeps on persisting, begging for an answer is this: “how to watch movies”. You can check out portals like Wapdam, Waptrick or ToxicWap, to download entertaining movies, wallpapers, themes, for your smartphone.

True, there are quite a lot of reliable sources to watch Movies online, sources as Amazon Prime or Netflix, etc. But you all know that you’re required to pay a subscription fee (Monthly or annually), to watch movies on these apps.

However, the truth remains that you can’t watch your favourite movies any time on Television, either through Cable, and talking about Netflix, Amazon Prime, we all know they do charge money to stream movies online.

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However, if you are looking for a convenient and free place to watch Movies online, then I’ll recommend www.movie4k.oi. All you need to watch a movie from this website is a strong Wifi Signal or a working Internet connection.

What is is a website which gives you the opportunity to watch movies online for free without spending a single penny on any of the movies. Movie4k is a place where you can easily watch any of your favorite movies online free of charge.

Why Movie4k?

I may be thinking along the same line as you. You probably may be saying, there are quite a lot of websites available on the Internet such as 123Movies, Filmywap, and many others to watch Videos, why www.movie4k.oi? Here’s my answer.

Movie4k is truly one of the best platforms where you can stream movies online. This platform comes with many unique features which will certainly suit your need.

The best and most interesting part I love the most about Movie 4k, is that there are absolutely no advertisements and you can start streaming the movies online with just one click.
Another intriguing feature is the search box. There are many other features also which you would like about this website.


Just like any other movie download website, movie4k has different categories of movies which you can watch and download. They include:

  • Movies
  • Cinema movies
  • Latest updates
  • All movies
  • Genres: These include Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Music, etc.
  • Random movie
  • RSS feed
  • TV shows
  • Featured
  • Latest updates
  • All TV shows
  • Genres
  • Random Show
  • RSS feed

How to Watch Movies on Movie4k?

Watching Movies on Movie4k isn’t rocket science. But to ensure your leisure and ease here is how to easily use this site, and enjoy its full features and potentials.

  • To stream movies online on the website, you are required to visit their official website –
  • When the website loads up on your device, a page will be opened and it will verify your IP address whether you are a bot or a human being.
  • After a few seconds, you will be automatically redirected to the Movie 4k website’s homepage.
  • The next step is for you to personally SELECT/CHOOSE your favourite movies from the Features or Latest section of the website.
  • Take note that you are also required to click on the movie title and you will be taken to a new page where you can start streaming the movie.
  • If you want to stream some specific movie which is not on the website, then I’ll highly recommend you use the search box. Simply type in the name of the movie, and click the Enter button.
  • Do you want to download a movie on your mobile phone and then stream it later? It’s yet another feature available for you. Below the video, you’ll see a LINK to download the video.
  • Enjoy streaming any movies of your choice for free.

Hope this guide, shows you how to watch Movies on absolutely free. If you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, through the comment box below.

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