Features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-Inch, Wi-Fi)
Much like the Google Nexus this 7 inch pad is useful in both the workplace and playing drawsomething on the train.
The Samsung Galaxy is still excellent value for your money, being $50 cheaper than its Nexus counterpart, you are given les memory and a slightly smaller processor, in addition to running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-Inch, Wi-Fi)
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 still remains an excellent android tablet to own and had a strong lead on 7 inch tablets before the Nexus 7 came along. One of the best tablet androids available for the value for your money.
Screen Size – 7 Inches
Processor – 1.0 GHz
RAM – 1.00GB
Hard Drive – 8.00GB
Operating system – 4.0 Ice Cream
Weight – 12 Ounces
Colour – Dark Grey
Number of Processors – 2

List Price: $249.99
Price: $224.95 + $5.49 shipping
You Save: $25.04 (10%)

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