This is really wonderful!.
Yes you read the heading and title of this article right!.
MTN just followed the idea Airtel first implemented.
This is just too good to be true, because MTN will give you 500% (Five Hundred Percent) Of Any Recharge You Made, but surely that you exhaust the Airtime that day, You will be credited with 5TIMES the amount of credit in your simcard that very day, this Airtime, however last only that day on your simcard.
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Just follow the step by step guidelines below and you will start calling your peers and pals, buddies and schoolmates, course mates for the mtn cheapest call rate in their history.
This is another Mtn Nigeria Promo for her users this Month of september, after the previous 40 free SMS and Free Call which to many people’s sadness, ended last Month on the 31st of August 2012.
Sure thing is that MTN Nigeria has activated another wonderful promo again which the captioned the:
Where You Will Spend your daily target on the MTN To MTN or either call with your MTN simcard To Others Networks and get 500% bonus, which is valid till midnight of the day you load the MTN card.
This Promo is a Win-Win Case, because any amount of credit you spend on making calls whether it is MTN-MTN or MTN-Others Networks.
Instantly, once you have exhausted the Credit you load on your MTN simcard, your SimCard will instantly be credited with 500% bonus Airtime:
Here Is An Explanatory Example Of How This MTN promo works:
If You Make A Call Of N50, You Will be Given N250 Bonus Instantly On MTN simcard.
If You Load And Make A Call Of N100, You Will Be Given N500 Bonus instantly on your MTN simcard.
If You Load And Exhaust a N200 Recharge Card, You will be given N1000 Bonus On Your MTN simcard.
2 X 5 = 10.
Load And Make A Call Of N400, You Will be given N2000 Bonus instantly on your Simcard.
Note That the amount of credit you load solely depends on your daily 5X THE CREDIT target.
How To Activate The MTN Plan.
Just Dial *507# on your mobile phone and press send or call button.
How To Check Your Percentage Target.
Simply Dial *507*1# on your mobile phone and press on the CALL/SEND button.
How To Check The Amount Of Calls Made And The Remaining Seconds/Minute To Reach The Promo Target.
Just Dial *507*2# and press CALL/SEND button on your mobile phone.
How To Check Your Remaining Bonus:
Just Dial *559# and press send or call.
Important Notice:
1. Please Note that you will need to be activating the promo every single day to continue enjoying it.
2. The promo or amount given to you will be valid till Midnight of that day, regardless of the Bonus amount in your MTN simcard.
3. This promo works on every tariff Plan, because it can not Change your prepaid Plan or data Plan.
4. Amount made on making calls are counted on your promo bonus.
5. Activating the Promo Plan is free of Charge.
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