Airtel Nigeria is simply the best Data plan providers in Nigeria, with cheap internet packages, amazing and fast 4G networks, what else do we need?

This is one of the best freebies for Nigerians who are currently searching for free Airtel Data packages and bundles. Do you have one sim card that isn’t Airtel and you are not using it? Then, you can use this trick and get free GB now.

Airtel 3GB for ₦150 – Cheapest Airtel Data Plan

To enjoy this freebie from Airtel Nigeria, all that is required of you is simply to port your SIM Card from one Network to Airtel, for example, using a Glo Registered sim, and port it to Airtel.

AIRTEL 10GB for N500

The best news? Porting your sim card from one Network to another is totally free. However, for those who are not aware or sure how this “Porting” thing actually works, here’s a detailed guide.

When you are porting your number from One network to another, it’s changing your sim card from the previous network, to Airtel. But your already used number remains intact, the only difference is that after successfully porting your phone, you’ll be loading Airtel recharge cards, and using Airtel tariff plans and services.

How to Port to Airtel

Here is a step by step procedure and guideline on how to Port from any registered network to Airtel.

1. To port, you need a valid ID card (a student ID card, Voter’s card, etc will do). With any of these cards, please visit any Airtel store around you, tell them you want to port and fill the form which will be given to you.

Let’s say you want to port from MTN Nigeria to Airtel, here’s how it works.

2. After your application form is being processed, you’ll get an SMS on your MTN line telling you to reboot and input the Airtel SIM you ported onto.

3. finally, you will be asked to reboot your phone (turn it off and on) and you’ll be welcomed to Airtel NG network.

Now, to the main business of the day, which is, how to get 10GB for N500 on Airtel.


All you have to do is to recharge your Airtel ported sim via Online Banking, TopUp Africa or use your Zoto Mobile Recharge or use any other Online recharging app. Just don’t buy a recharge card and load it physically.

One thing here is that, the more you recharge N100, the more the data it accumulates.

While N100 gives you 2GB, N200 get you 4GB data bonus, while recharging N500 gets you 10GB. Each of the data has 30 days validity period. The best news is that the Money you recharged will still be in your sim card.

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