Truly, this is a moment of Joy to Millions of Infinix fans around the world. The Infinix Note series, is one of Infinix biggest smartphone people love. Judging by the rush for the Infinix Note 2, Note 3 and Note 3 pro, finally, the Note 4 and Note 4 Pro, you’ll agree with me that the Infinix Note series is truly the people’s phone.

And like everyone else who loves Infinix, I’m pretty happy, you know that kind of happiness you’d get when your neighbour’s wife just gives birth to a new bouncing baby boy. This also can be liken to the happiness am feeling about the released of this device.

Even in my happiness, I must do my job, and it’s not that am 100% perfect, it’s just that we want Infinix to do better, grow bigger and dominate the Smartphone world! The new Infinix Note 5 and the Note 5 Pro comes with many fascinating features, but like every device out there, it also comes with it flaws.


5 Things YOU Should Know about Infinix Note 5

1. The Body: This is the first thing you noticed about this awesome device. Yes, I called it awesome, because Infinix has always been about the durability, the prowess to withstand heavy fall. However, there is something I need to point out about this new device, and that is,

Why Did Infinix Stick To Using Plastic Body on the Note 5?

As a critic, this will probably be the first question you will ask, when you see this device. Right now, the world is now migrating to using glass bodies. It’s not just used on the Note 5 or it’s Pro version, but on the last Infinix Hot S3 and the Hot 6 smart phones.

2. The displays are good. A 6 inch display with a FHD resolution, first on Infinix Note series devices. This is one place Infinix truly show they’re world class, with the induction of Big 6.0 inches screen size and a FHD resolution, it’s perfect! Kudos there to the particular team responsible for this section.

3. Software! The Note 5 comes with an ”Out of the Box” Android Oreo Go Edition, which is the current most powerful Android operating system right now, which automatically gives users of this device, a buttery smooth performance with little or no lags. With the Note 5 and Note 5 Pro, you’re certain to experience VERY LESS hanging and you can multi-task and still enjoy smooth operation.

4. The fourth, am not going to lie, is a huge turn off. Am a huge fans of Snapdragon, and if you know these things, you’ll know why I opt for the Snapdragon to be used on the Note 5 device. I just can’t fathom why infinix went back to using a Mediatek processor after using Snapdragons on the last Infinix Hot S3 and the Infinix Hot 6 and Hot 6 Pro.

Seriously, am not trying to bash this company, but for a flagship device like this, I was really expecting nothing less than a Snapdragon 660, 700 or even 821 on this smart phone.

5. DUAL Camera

Do you read If yes, then you must know that am a huge fans of Infinix Camera, and smartphone camera’s in general. I kept on wondering, if the Infinix Hot 6 and 6 Pro features dual cameras, then why couldn’t the new Note 5 flagship device come with DUAL Camera, instead, it comes with a single 12MP camera.

Yes, it maybe that the Hot 6 and 6 Pro dual camera can’t be compared to the 12MP of this device, but it adds to the phone beauty and makes it standout. Checkout the latest samsung galaxies flagship, you’ll see why the dual Camera should have been implemented.

However, there is something spectacular about this smartphone camera, and that is, it has AI Object Recognition and Real Time Text Translation feature which we will be discussing in indepth very soon!

6. X-pen

We all know that the Note 4 doesn’t have the X-pen, while the NOTE 4 Pro comes with an X-pen and extra pouch, but the price difference was too high, making the the Note 4 a better seller when compared with the Note 4 pro.

Last year, the Pro variant of the Note 4 ONLY got the X-pen, and this year it’s the same old story, but for God’s sake we all know that the X-pen shouldn’t be a differentiating factor between the two variants ONLY. Remember when Samsung Galaxies have differences like edge and not edge, well, it’s cut off, because people prefers the Edge over the normal device. I think Infinix should implement a better differentiating factor, like Phone Size, Edge differences, etc.

When I get the device and go through it, I will do a thorough hand on review. Till then, the Infinix Note 5 is a device YOU should buy!

It’s smart, it’s beautiful, It’s different and OFFERS You the best for such an affordable price!

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