This is awesome and i don’t know how to share this article with the whole Nigerians, to know that connecting to the Internet, is cheaper and affordable for all, thanks to Airtel Nigeria for the newly introduced Data bundles of 6gig for N1,500.

There is absolutely nothing more fascinating than seeing cheap data plans, not just from Networks that provides slow internet connection, but from Networks like Airtel, with the fastest broadband internet connection.

Today, i want to inform all readers of, that Airtel NG have decided to come out with an excellent data offer, which looks like a direct challenge to the data plan offered by Glo Nigeria.

airtel 6gb for n1500

Combating the Globacomm offer and trying to hold to their dear customers, Airtel brought out the 2GB for N200 but the disadvantage, is that the Airtel 2gb for N200 works only with Edge, in which those who subscribed to it have been unable to fully opt out of the plan.

This plan, which gives all Subscribers 6gb for N1500 is called “Special privilege offer” and from all indication, might not last long, because it’s extremely affordable (sorry, but cheap). Now, with just One thousand, five hundred Naira, you can get 6GB.

Airtel has taken Nigerians to a whole new level of Awesomeness!

How To Subscribe for Airtel 6gb for N1,500

To successfully subscribe for this bundle, dial *440*161#
Dialing the above number will ensure your subscription is successful.

You can easily check your data balance by dialing *123*10#

Which Devices Does it Works

This plan works on every device which connects to the internet, and this includes;
Windows smart mobile etc

This plan works without you needing any IMEI tweaking.

What About Those Who Subscribed For 2GB for N200?

Like i said about the 2gb for N200, if you subscribed to it, it works only with Edge, meaning, that every Airtel users who have subscribed to it, are finding it difficult to fully opt out of the plan. But this plan still work on the SIM.

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