It’s no longer new that people are going after the Networks that provides the best coverage and Cheapest Internet data plans. Today, i want to share with you, the Best Airtel and Etisalat BIS Data Plans That Work For the following devices, which includes:
We all know that Blackberry has one of the best Data plans when it comes to internet packages. In Nigeria, most networks providing Blackberry plans made it unlimited. While for the popular IOS like Android, it’s capped. So today, i want to share with you, the best Airtel and Etisalat BIS data plans that works for Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablets and all kind of Smartphones.
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We can’t also deny the fact that newly released Smartphones are offering outstanding screen resolution, better camera power and faster internet connections, but it’s also noticeable that the data which is consumed by these smartphones is also better than Java and Symbian phones :D.
This fact can’t be denied. The need for more data on our smartphones is rising drastically, However, what i can’t help but notice, is that Nigerian telecommunication network don’t want their consumers to have an affordable plan that will cover their Internet data consumption, except for BlackBerry devices, which is enjoying reasonable prices for data plan.
But things are changing, as Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones users can now use the the affordable BlackBerry plans which are affordable.

Airtel BIS That Works for Android, iPhone and Tablet

If you are interested and want to use any of these Airtel BIS plans for your Android device, i have provided you with the list of Airtel BIS plans. Including the full guides on how to subscribe to them and the duration it will last.

Validity Period
USSD Activation
SMS Activation
30 days
1 week
24 hours
30 days
1 week
24 hours
To check Airtel Data Balance status
Send status to 440

Important Info
All subscribers should take note that a special package gives you 90days BIS plan for N3000 with 6.5GB of data. To subscribe to this, dial *440*016# or you send Bbum3 to 440.
Likewise, Airtel recently released a new plan that gives you 1 month free, if you subscribe for One Month, and this plans costs N1500 and you get about 4.2GB for 60 days. You subscribe with *440*161#

Hotspot for Your Internet Data

The reason why i decided to list out the Airtel and Etisalat BIS subscription codes that works for other devices, is because both Etisalat and Airtel allow you to hotspot your Internet data without removing from your calling credit.
So if you are the type that has a Blackberry device with HotSpot capability, this makes it easier for you. You can simply use your Etisalat and Airtel hotspot on your phone and share to your devices like tablet, Android & iOS phone and your PC.

Etisalat BIS Subscription Codes

BlackBerry 10 Daily Plan With Unlimited BBM

Plan Name Data Price USSD SMS to 399
BB10 Lite 10MB #70 *599*2*2# DLite
BB10 Mid 15MB #100 *599*3*2# DMid
BB10 Max 50MB #200 *599*7# DMax

BlackBerry 10 Weekly Plan With Unlimited BBM

Plan Name Data Price USSD SMS to 399
BB10 Lite 70MB #350 *599*2*1# WLite
BB10 Mid 125MB #550 *599*3*1# WMid
BB10 Max 360MB #1,100 *559*8# WMax

BlackBerry 10 Monthly Plan With Unlimited BBM

Plan Name Data Price USSD SMS to 399
BB10 Lite 260MB #1,000 *599*2# MLite
BB10 Mid 500MB #1,500 *599*3# MMid
BB10 Max 1536MB #3,000 *559*4# MMax

Hope this information helps you to browse better.

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