Have you heard of Airtel Family and friends? Does this sound familiar? Well, this is one of the hottest plan on the Airtel Nigeria network at the moment.

Have you heard of the Airtel Family and Friends plan that works on all Tariff plans? if your answer is No, then welcome to this page, as we dedicate this entire page to carefully explain in details, how the airtel family and friends works, and how to add family and friends on Airtel!

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airtel family and friends

What is Airtel Family and Friends (FAF)?

This amazing package was introduced to help Airtel users to spend less for calls to often dialed numbers. Just as the name suggests, this plan favors those who you call the most.

This package ensures that all your favorite numbers are added in a list and then enjoy a discount every time you call these numbers. It is called “Airtel Family and Friends”.

Airtel Family and Friends Plan.

If you are interested in migrating to this plan, do read this carefully. The Airtel Family and Friends (FAF) is a product service that provides all customers in the plan, discounted call prices for registered Airtel numbers.

The Airtel FAF allows all subscribers to get closer to their loved ones and maintain that strong connection by paying cheaper for calls.

Once you migrate/subscribe to this plan, calls to some specific Airtel numbers such as your mother, father, child, boss, Wife, Husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or colleagues you do not need to pay the regular call fees on subsequent calls to their numbers registered on the FAF.

All you need to do is simply register them on your Airtel Family and Friends list, and you will start enjoying the discount every time you call them. In other words, you will have more talk time with them by paying less.

How do Airtel FAF works?

As a subscriber in this tariff plan, you get the opportunity to add and remove as many as five numbers on the Airtel Family and Friends tariff as you want.

However, you need to know that the first five Family and Friends numbers you register is free, any subsequent registrations will attract a flat rate of N50.

How to register family and friends on Airtel?

Before you will be capable of registering your family and friends (Business colleagues, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc) on Airtel, you MUST dial the Airtel family and friends registration code followed by the number: “*141*2*NUMBER# ”.

For example: Dial *141*2*08080000000#” and the number will be registered in your FAF account (Remember, the first five numbers you registered are 100% free, however, to add another number, you must remove one number from the five added. Adding a new number costs N50.)

How to Remove or Delete Numbers.

To remove or delete numbers from your FAF list, you just need to dial the following combination: “*141*3*NUMBER#”, for example, “*141*3*08021234567#” and the number will be successfully removed.

How to Check List of Registered Numbers.

You can easily see the list of registered numbers on your Airtel FAF list. To check the list, just dial Airtel Family and Friends code: “*141*5#”.

Call Charges for Family and Friends Registered Numbers.

To clarify an issue that may confuse you, do take note that while the FAF call rates are cheaper, you will be charged the same standard fee for sending SMS to these numbers. There’s no discount available.

Also, take note that the charges for these numbers on your Airtel Family and Friends list are the same regardless of which tariff plan you are on.

Call charges for Airtel FAF.

In this tariff plan, there are two periods.

  1. Peak Period (Peak period starts from 6 AM – 9:59 PM)
  2. Off-Peak Periods (off-peak period starts from 10:00 pm – 5:59 am),

During the peak period, which is between 6 AM and 9:59 PM, calls made to your family and friends numbers will only attract a rate of 25 Kobo per second.

However, the Off-Peak Periods, which are usually between 10 pm and 5:59 pm, calls to your family and friends number will be charged at a cheaper rate. You’ll be charged 21 Kobo per second.

This means that get to have more talk time with your loved ones on whatever tariff plan you are subscribed to. However, it’s important to note that this service is only accessible for prepaid clients on the Airtel Nigeria network.

Call Airtel Customer Care Line.

If you have any questions or complaints, it will be much easier and you’ll get to receive quicker answers through the contact the Airtel customer care service by dialing “111”.

Take note that calling the Airtel Customer Care Line is 100% free from any Airtel number. Also, you can visit any Airtel shop that is situated close to you.

How can I check Airtel family and friends?

For those who would love to check their Airtel Family And Friends list, simply dial *311*4#. All the numbers in your airtel family and friends list will be shown to you. However, if there is no number added there, it means it’s blank.

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