Yes, it is now official. You can now borrow Airtel Airtime when you are out of cash with the newly introduced and updated “Airtel Talk Time Advance”. You can get Airtel Loan for quick research.

Airtel Talk Time Advance.

What is Airtel Talk Time Advance? This is a newly introduced service which gives all registered customers, the ability to request for airtime (credit) in advance without using physical recharge cards to top up their airtime balance.

airtel loan - borrow airtime from Airtel

How You Can Be Qualified To Borrow Airtel Airtime.

Airtel Nigeria management has made it hard for users to easily borrow airtime from the network, there are rules and regulations that you must meet before you’ll be eligible.

Customers can borrow airtime based on the following factors which are listed below:

• Before you’re eligible, you must be an active subscriber, your Airtel Line must be at least be 3 months old (90 days).
• You must Recharge your Airtel Line often at least once or twice in a week before you’ll be eligible.
• Your Line must be registered and actively used.

Advance Airtime Amount Minimum Age (network) Minimum Monthly Recharge Minimum Weighted Monthly Usage for the Subscriber (Naira)
N50  3Months  5  250
N100  4 Months  5  250
N200  6 Months  5  1000
N500  6 Months  5  2500

Minimum monthly recharge: This is used to refer to the number of airtime reloads in a month.
Minimum weighted monthly usage: This refers to the total value in denominations for a user per given period. This means the maximum amount of money you can loan from Airtel per month.

How You Can Borrow Airtime from Airtel – Airtel Loan.

If after going through the above requirements and your Simcard is eligible, all you need to do is to initiate a request by dialing *500# on your line (MSISDN).

After dialing the above number, you will be given options from which to choose the desired value of airtime which can be used for voice calls (on-net and off-net), SMS, and Data.

Here’s the list of amount you can borrow from Airtel Nigeria.

• N50.
• N100.
• N200.
• N500.

Airtel Loan Number:

Here is how you can initiate a transaction for any amount. You can simply dial.

• *500*50# for N50 airtime.
• *500*100# for N100 airtime.
• *500*200# for N200 airtime.
• *500*500# for N500 airtime.


The only disadvantage of the Airtel talk time advance service is that you will get to pay a 10% service fee on every transaction. Once you received the Airtel borrowed airtime, you must pay. You’ll be charged immediately on your next recharge.

But I don’t count this as a disadvantage, it’s business, and in every business, there must be a profit.

Final Conclusion.

Conclusively, this is one of the best services provided by Airtel. This service is provided for customers who find themselves at locations where getting Recharge cards becomes almost impossible, or who wants to make important calls, but don’t have airtime.

With this service provided by Airtel Loan, you can are saved from painful experiences and situations of wanting to make important calls, but you’re without Airtime or Money.

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