Nigeria Networks are totally getting awesome, i don’t really know the reasons why, but it seems like a big competition between this Networks is coming to a severe stage, as they are seriously competing to provide Nigerians with the best cheapest call rates and tariff plan.
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The Airtel One SIM is a tariff plan from Airtel Nigeria, offering Nigerians a full and complete 100% bonus on any recharge their subscribers makes.
Unlike other Network plans where you get the bonus once per week, in Airtel One Sim, you get the bonus every recharge you make.
For example, if you recharge ₦200, and you get back the ₦200 in bonus, and if you choose to recharge again, you will still get another bonus as it tops and the money in your main account remains.
Please take note that this Bonus from this plan can be used for the following:
Text messaging,
National calls,
You can call some international destinations too.

What You Must Know About Airtel One Sim Tariff Plan

The Airtel one Sim tariff plan bonus is split equally into two categories, which are namely;
Weekday Account,
Weekend Account.
This means that if you load Four Hundred Naira ONLY (₦400). Here’s an example of what i mean.
Once you recharge your account with ₦400, once it’s successfully, your main account will be credit with ₦400, while your Weekday account gets a bonus of ₦200, and your Weekend account ₦200, Which makes the total credit balance in your sim, a total of ₦800 for a ₦400 recharge.
Another important detail you should note here, is that you will be charged first from the Weekday account even if it is weekend, and you can only use your Weekend account during weekend in the week when you got the bonus.
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Another awesome thing about the Airtel One SIM, is that it also supports the registration of 2 special numbers that attract discounted rates when you put a call through to these two special numbers.
The next beautiful thing you should be fully aware of, is that all subscribers on One SIM can also get 15MB bonus, if they recharge ₦200 or above.
However, the Data bundle bonus is valid ONLY for 3 days, but the free Megabyte is capped, which means that it works once per 7 days intervals.
SO if you recharge more than ₦200 every day, you will ONLY be allocated the 15MB data bonus within 7 days.
Happy Hour (12:30am – 4.30am) free on-net calls is also applicable, given that you have at least ₦100 in balance.
This Airtel plan is very similar to the MTN TruTalk, there is no increased rate for the first 60 seconds on One SIM.
However, i would love to make it clear here, that the Talk More and Magic Box are not available on this tariff plan.

Airtel One SIM Tariff

National calls: 40 Kobo per second (₦24 per minute). Since you get 100% bonus on every recharge, it could be argued that the real call rate is 20 Kobo per second (₦12 per minute).
Calls (Registered Numbers): 12 Kobo per second (₦7.2 per minute)
Happy Hour Calls (between 12:00am and 04:30am): 12 Kobo per second
National SMS: ₦4
SMS (Registered Numbers): ₦1
International SMS: ₦15
Calls to Canada, China, India, UK landline and the United States: 40 Kobo per second.

How To Activate/Migrate Airtel One SIM

Text On to 337 or dial *337#.

Crucial Points

Please take note that the first activation is without charges in any calendar month. A fee of ₦100 is applied for subsequent migrations within the first month you activated the tariff plan.

How To Register, Delete and View Special Numbers

Dial *337*2*Airtel_Number# to resister.
For example, if you want to register 0802 777 7777, dial *337*2*08027777777#.
Dial *337*3*Airtel_Number# to get a number deregistered.
For example, if you want to de-register 0802 777 7777, dial *337*3*08027777777#.
To view registered number(s), dial *337*4#.
To access the associated general options, dial *337*1#.

Important Note:

All interested persons should note that the registration is free for the first two numbers. However, after the first two registrations,,any other subsequent registrations will attract a fee of just ₦20 per number you register.
The maximum phone numbers you can registered at a time is just two.
To register a new number, you have to delete an existing number, assuming the total number already registered is two.
Wishing you the best and if you have any questions, don’t forget to connect with us using the comment form below.

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