First of all, to enlighten you a bit, what is Party? A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, recreation, or as part of a festival or other commemoration of a special occasion.

With this clear and concise definition, you will get to understand what planning a party all is about, and it will further give you an idea that it is not something to toil with, especially considering the fact that you might have some dignitaries as part of your guests.

If you think party planning is easy, then you better ask those that have been involved in it, and you will get to find out that it is not as easy as it seems, be it of any kind, birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, send off/farewell ceremonies, etc. I want you to ask yourself a certain question.

Why do you think potential couples go for expert planners to help them in their party plans?

That is to show you that, a party is not something you joke with, if not it will not augur well. Some people become very stressed out after involving or playing a primary role in party planning, particularly wedding ceremonies.

Nevertheless, not everyone could afford the cost of what it takes to pay an expert planner.

We bring you good news! Are you clueless as to where you can start your party plans, or how to plan a successful party? Fortunately, there are applications that can help you do that.

These tools can go a long way towards helping you with the planning process, the guest list, food and drinks, decorations, and so on. We have been able to draw a list of the best seven out of the many party planning apps for you to choose from, to make your party an enviable one.

1. Pro Party Planner.

Pro Party Planner

First of all, you have to know the number of guests you are expecting. After that, u project a task list to make sure that everything is in place before the party proper.

That is where the Pro Party Planner comes in; to enable you to set a reminder and budgets, as well as developing your shopping list for the party with it. Pro Party Planner also monitors the budget for food, decorations, party gifts, etc.

2. Evite.

evite party planner app

Where Evite comes in is before party planning. Like we earlier stated, you must know the number of guests you are expecting before you begin any planning preparations.

Evite is very useful when you want to invite your guests, particularly with customized invitations. That is why there has to be a stipulated number of invitees.

It can also be used to design templates with pictures from your device, and add the event name, time, and venue.

3. Pinterest.

pinterest planners app

Pinterest is an app that presents you with any theme of your choice, with lots of boards coated with beautiful party designs.

This app can you a whole lot of stress and difficulty that you will experience in your party planning, and inspire you with any theme you can think of. If you are planning for a big party, just search for “big party ideas” and work with the results.

4. BigNight.

Best Party Planner Apps for your iPhone and iPad

Bignight is another highly recommended app. It helps when you want to start planning on the food you want to use as refreshment for your party.

In the case of a formal party, BigNight is highly recommended for the creation of menus for your invitees.

You can call the menu any name and organize it by courses. If you plan to host a formal party; it can be used to create a menu for your guests. Give the menu a name and organize it by courses. It doesn’t end there, for you can also set your reminders using this app.

5. Cocktail Flow.

cocktail flow party planner app

This app is used predominantly during service of refreshment. It will make your guests to commend your bartending skills. The Cocktail Flow also provides you with enough access to well broken down drink recipes that can be made with the ingredients you have.

When you work with classics like wine, beer, or interesting cocktails. The drinks for the event can be personalized by liquor, drink type, and strength.

6. Spotify.

Spotify party planner app

Talking about music, no party can truly be complete and spicy without music, which is where this app comes in. it can go as far as provoking your invitees to come out and rock on the dance floor.

Great, isn’t it? Spotify is a very good music streaming service, which contains over fifty million tracks available and provokes 232 million users.

Nevertheless, try to ensure, you select the kind of music wanted by your guests, in order to complete an all-round successful party.

7. Karaoke.

karaoke party planner app

This wonderful app is used to keep the heat on when it is about to die down or get boring. That is what the Karaoke app gives you, with an abundance of songs that you can pick to heat up the place.

You can do this through browsing through the categories presented to you, including popular, recommended, and genres to locate a song. Then click on “Sing”, then off you go.

We have been able to draw a comprehensive list of the best 7 apps that you can use for planning a successful and enviable party.

The ball is now firmly in your court to decide a kind of a party you want, whether boring or hot. So, you no longer have any tangible excuse for hosting an unsuccessful party, and you also have no need to spend a considerable sum to pay a professional party planner, who unknown to you, might be using some of this apps, to do plans for countless parties.

However, you can feel free to drop your comments or recommendations, if you have any.

Meanwhile, it is our job to keep on giving you update and serve you better as regards any technology news you might be looking for. So, stay with us, and you will not be disappointed. You made the right choice.

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