Checking your glo number is important, and I’ve been in this situation numerous times. Through this guide, you’ll get to check glo number with USSD code quickly without any stress or need to contact their customer service. Follow this guide to check yours.
Sincerely, Glo Nigeria has been one of Africa’s leading telecom network and is used by millions of Nigerians. Although once you buy a Glo SIM card, your 11-digit number is placed at a very noticeable area on the SIM pack. But it’s unlikely we go around carrying sim packs one of simcards. If you’ve somehow misplaced your sim pack, don’t worry, we have all been in that shoe, here are four quickest ways to get/check glo number right now.
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how to check glo number

4 Ways on How To Know Your Glo Number

If you’re searching for the best method to check my Glo number, I’ll recommend you use any of these ones mentioned below.

Calling or Texting a Friend.

This sounds easier, right? But most times, we fail to recognize that we can actually recharge the glo line with airtime, then use this line to call or send an SMS to the nearest phone number around you. Certainly, your glo number will definitely appear on the other person’s mobile phone.
However, if there’s no availability of phone, airtime to do this, then you can try the next method.

Dialing a Call Number

When I used this method to find my glo number, I was impressed. Do you know that you can easily check your Glo Number by dialing this number provided by Glo from the line in which you want to know the phone number? To achieve this, simply dial 1244.

  • The number to dial is 1244.

Once you dial the above number on the sim you want to know the phone number, you’ll get a voice prompt that reads out your number to you.
Important Note: This network (Glo) usually sends a message displaying your phone number along with Nigeria’s country code (234); Which means that your number may appear like this: 2348051234567.
The reason why the country code is added is that it’s very useful if you are sending it to someone living in another country. But if this confuses you, all you need do is to remove the 234 and replace it with a zero. It should now appear like this 08051234567.

Dialing a USSD Number

If getting your number through a voice prompt is not suitable for you, then you can try dialing a USSD to get it. Once you dial this USSD code, it reveals your Glo number to you.
Just dial the number below to get your Glo phone number.

  • *135*8#

Once you dial the above USSD, your number will be displayed on your device.

Using the Official Glo Website

For Glo users who are using an internet-enabled device, this is the easiest guide to get your Glo number using your browser. All you need do is visit the web address below.


NOTE: It is important that note here that you must be using the glo simcard you need to check the number in surfing the internet to successfully see your number.
Once you visit the website, your phone number will be made available at the top-right corner of the page.
Finally, I hope that through the above-mentioned methods, you can easily check your GLO number using any of the methods which you find most convenient. Just in case you have any issue and would need a glo customer support, here’s their official address in the 36 states of Nigeria. GloWorld Shops in Nigeria.

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