If you are an ardent reader of TechOpera or our email subscriber, you’ll recall that we shared with you, the Airtel Bonus Data Plan, where you you can buy two month internet data bundle and get one month absolutely free.
You can read the full article here → Buy Airtel Data Plan For Two Month and Get One FREE!
Well, circumstance made us to come up with this article, which i choose to titled comparing Airtel Bonus Data Plan and Etisalat Cheap Data Bundle
The main reason is because one of TechOpera’s reader emailed us, saying that he prefer’s Etisalat Internet Data Bundle to that of Airtel bonus plan.
Here in TechOpera, our reader’s opinion matters alot, so i personally decided to email him back, asking him the reasons why he prefer Etisalat to Airtel, and guess what he said?
Because Etisalat is cheaper compared to AIRTEL!.
So today, i have gathered enough information about the Etisalat data plan and the Airtel Bonus internet connection, and here we go.
airtel and Etisalat
Comparing Airtel Bonus Data Plan and Etisalat Cheap Data Bundle
1. If you choose to go with the Airtel bonus plan, which costs N2,800 ONLY, you will get 3gigabytes for 3 months.
2. While in Etisalat, you will just have to spend N1000 each month on Etisalat for two consecutive months which costs N2,000 and just like Airtel, you will get the third (3rd) month free and also get Unlimited Data Bundles.
Now, the ultimate question here is:
Which one of this do you then preferable?
The N2,000 for unlimited Data for three (3) Month from Etisalat, or the N2,800 Naira for 3gigabytes for three (3) Months from Airtel?
Okay, if You choose the Etisalat’s Bonus offer, where you will pay for two consecutive months and get the 3rd month free, and you want to activate it, then use the code below.
Dial *369*1# for Complete Monthly @ N1000
Dial *369*2# for Absolute Monthly which costs N1500.
But if you’re in support of Airtel’s data bundle plan, and you want to activate and use it, you’re absolutely FREE!
Use the link to activate Yours now.
Buy Airtel Data Plan For Two Month and Get One FREE!
Disadvantages and Advantages When Comparing Etisalat To Airtel
1. The Advantage edge that Etisalat have over Airtel is that their bundle is unlimited!.
And all thanks to Techopera, Airtel has brought up a whooping mouth watering offer, get unlimited Internet Bundles for One Month for just N1,500 Only.
2. While the advantage Airtel has over Etisalat is that You can use Airtel Blackberry (BB) Subscription on any browsing platform, Modem, Pc, Laptop, Mobile phones, including symbian phones, java phones, android phones, tablets, iphones, etc.
The Dtisalat BB complete and absolute plans sadly, do not work on Android phones and modem.
Except you tweak it!!.
Your comment is highly appreciated!!

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