E-money or emoney is one of Nigerian’s billionaire. He may not be the richest Billionaire, but he has an appeal that reaches millions of people. His Instagram account will attest to this fact.

This man is not just popular, but well-loved. His care-free lifestyle, giving millions to the poor, helping so many people on the gram has made him, one of the most loved and popular Billionaires in Nigeria.

What is e-money networth? How much is e-money worth in Naira and dollars?

e money networth

E-Money is one of the richest persons in Nigeria. Most people are confused and have asked How did Emoney become one of the richest men in the country? What is the secret of his success?

These questions and many more will be answered on this article here today.

E-money has done quite a lot, gifting African biggest Blogger sister, Laura Ikeji with 500,000 and Star Actress, 500,000, it’s no doubt that this man has a good heart.

MasterKraft and Duncan Mighty are just among Many others the Billionaire has blessed, and these are just the few who decided to publicly thank him. Few months ago, the billionaire decided to mark the new year in his life by giving a shoe rack seller a brand new car and N300,000 cash.

Who is E-Money?

e money business

For those who may not know him, Emoney is a business mogul. His real name is Emeka Okonkwo.

He was born on 18th of February 1981. Emeka Okonkwo, publicly referred to as Emoney, is the CEO of Emmy Cargoes Limited. People call him E-Money due to his luxury lifestyle which he is not shy of displaying on his instagram page.

He is the younger brother of Kingsley Okonkwo, the famous Nigerian musician known as Kcee.

E-Money Job.

When he was once interviewed, the billionaire disclosed that at the beginning of his adult life, he did not have much money.

He went further to disclosed that he was constantly struggling to make ends meet. According to him, his traditional marriage was a financial problem for him. He did not have much to create something astonishing with the wedding ceremony.

However, his life took a positive drastic turn when he got a contract worth of $2 million. E-money disclosed that this contract was what paved the way to a better future.

Wife and Children.

e-money wife and children

e-money wife and children

For someone so young and handsome to be a Billionaire, many won’t be shocked if he was ever caught cheating. But this is so far from the person we’re talking about here.

E-money met his wife, Juliet while they were both students. He said Juliet was his first love, and was lucky to marry her.

He met his wife when they were quite still young and students. The billionaire described his wife Juliet as the first woman in his life and the first love.

He said that he was looking and searching for a faithful woman, and he found her. Juliet says that they did not have much at the beginning, but with time he earned enough to provide a luxury living for the family. She now lives with their three kids in the United Kingdom. E-Money visits his wife and three children every two weeks.

The billionaire Surprises his wife with a Rolls Royce Phantom Car As Christmas Gift.

E-Money’s Biography (Age).

Let me not confuse you. E-money was born and named Emeka Okonkwo in Ajegunle, Lagos, Nigeria. E-money birthday is on February 18, 1981.

The name E-Money was given to him after he started throwing money around and demonstrating what a luxurious life he had through the pictures and videos he usually shares on his insta-stories.

Some of his over-zealous fans referred to him as Arabic money for his over-the-board generosity towards so many people. Another reason why he is nicknamed “Arabic Money” is that he loves dressing like an Arabic man.

He is the official sponsor of Kcee music career, including that of Harrysong and Skiibii.

E-money is the head of a shipping company called Emmy Cargoes Nig. The company was established in 1997 and was formerly called Borisa Nig. Ltd.

Just like other billionaires, he is not just into Music production alone, but also into real estate as well as oil and gas.

E-Money Networth

Just as I have mentioned above, E-Money is the proud CEO of Emmy Cargoes Limited. E-Money is one of the biggest players in gas industries, oil production and shipping of Nigeria.

He is also the CEO of the Five Star Music, which produces artists, like Skibi, Harry Song, and his elder brother, KCee.
It is estimated that Five Star Music Group is has a price worth of 500 million Naira.

E-Money’s net worth is around 2 billion Naira. Despite receiving warnings from the state authorities, E-Money has no desire to hide his luxury life. He is not someone who shys away from the public eyes, usually because his house and cars are topics for news and media.

On the type of clothes he prefers, he is usually seen clad in white and gold clothes, making him look like an Arab Sheikh.

E-Money House.

e-money house

Another popular topic people like discussing is E-money’s house. Seems like, from all indications, his favorite colors are White and gold.

E-money house is located in Omolo Estate, Ikeja, Lagos. It is estimated to be worth about 250 million naira. The house’s architectural design is a work of art.

The two main colors which are used to paint the house, interior designs, including the curtains, cushions in the house are gold and white.

e-money bedroom

The interior of the house does have a familiar and similar look to the palace of an Arabian Sultan. We discovered that almost all corner of the house is made with Middle-East style.

The house is beautifully designed, but what is inside is totally shocking. We discovered that there is a private GYM built in the house.

E-Money Cars.

e money cars

This is just a side photo of Emoney cars.. We need a drone to take photos of all his cars!

Emoney does have a lot of cars, and always add the year’s new model. His favorite producers are Mercedes Benz.
It is no longer secret that the 5 star CEO loves Sports cars. His garage currently boost of sport cars that cost fortune to buy.

To show you just how wealthy this young Man is, He did present a Mercedes-Benz G-wagon, wort around twenty million Naira to his brother Kcee on his birthday.

His garage boost of a brand new armored Lexus LX 570, and the price of this ride is about $90,000. Other cars which you can see in his garage includes Prado Jeeps, Jaguars, Range Rovers Sport, and G-Wagons.

The overall price of his cars estimates up to one million dollars.

E-Money Instagram.

This is the official Instagram Handle of the billionaire, instagram.com/iam_emoney1

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