It’s another wonderful time again and this time around, I’m sharing with you, the LATEST METHOD on How You Can Transfer Your Credit/Airtime Balance On Airtel Nigeria Network.
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Well, I decided to share this information here today, because when I googled on *How To Transfer Credit/Airtime Balance On Airtel Nigeria Network* I got several results which were outdated.
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Here is how you can successfully transfer your credit/airtime on your Airtel sim card to another Airtel Nigeria sim card.
Note that we are also sharing with you, How You can Change the 2U Airtel Default Transfer PIN.

What is Me2U – Answered by Airtel Ng

“Me2U” is airtime transfer service that is designed to enable Airtel’s subscribers to share airtime (credit) on their Airtel lines with their friends and families, also on Airtel lines as frequently as they desire to do so, there is simply no limits, irrespective of location and time.


Airtel’s Me2U Is 24-hour availability:
Airtime can be sent anytime of the night or during the day
You can top up on behalf of family members or friends.
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How to Transfer Airtime On Airtel Network

We’ll share with you, simple methods and guidelines on how you can transferred your airtime from your simcard to another without troubles.
transfer airtime on airtel
Step 1 On How To Transfer Airtime/Credit From Airtel To Airtel.
Send a text message in the following format to the shortcode 432:
2u[space]receipent phonenumber[space]amount [space]pin
Here is a simple example of what I mean
For example, you want to transfer N100 worth of airtime to the other Airtel subscriber 08021234567.
The text message you’re to send will be like this:
2u 08021234567 100 1234
(where PIN is 1234)

How To Transfer Airtime on Airtel Network

You will then receive an SMS from Airtel, which is a confirmation message from 432 that reads:
“You have just sent N50 to 08021234567”.

Step 3

How To Transfer Credit on Airtel

Please note that the person receiving the transfer amount will also receive an SMS confirmation from 432 that will go like this:
“You have just received N100 from 08020000000.
To top up another Airtel user’s phone, send an SMS to 432 using the following: 2u [space] [space] [space]
Here is an example of what I’m saying:
If you choose to send N100 to another Airtel user with phone number 08021234567, the text message which you will send will look like this one underlined below:
2u 08021234567 100 1234
Then just send the above-typed text message to 432.

How to Change Airtel Me2U Transfer Password/PIN

To change your password, just follow the
step by step guidelines below.
Step 1: You’re required to send a text message in the following format underlined below to 432:
PIN[space] [space]

Here is an Example:
To change your Airtel Transfer’s password, simply type the text message below and sent it to 432.
The text message you’re to send to 432 should be in this format;
PIN 1234 4321
Step 2:
within seconds, you will receive an SMS confirmation from 432 which normally goes like this:
Your new password is 4321”

Terms and Conditions To Transfer Airtel Credit Balance / Airtime

1. Airtime cannot be transferred from Airtel subscribers to subscribers on other networks.
2. Please note that the Airtel Airtime transfer is On-Net only.
3. Airtime transfers cannot exceed the amount of credit available on the transferring subscriber’s account.
Which is to say that, if your account has N50.00, you can not transfer N51.
4. Airtel’s Transaction limits per subscriber per day will be limited to five transactions.
Please note that not exceeding the cap on the total transaction value per day, which is just 5 times.
5. Also, note that for each (MSIDN) of service is entitled to N5000/Transaction/Day.
6. There will be no limit on the value that a subscriber can transfer per transaction (though not exceeding the cap on total transaction value per day).
7. There will be no limit on the value that a subscriber can receive from multiple sources as long as each source does not exceed the five times defined per number.
8. Please note that the SMS short code is 432. All Airtel’s Subscribers will be charged N10.00 for each successful transfer.
9. Each Airtel’s Subscriber is expected to change his default password from (1234) to a specific desired password before using the Me2U transfer service. (I have tried the 1234 to transfer Airtime, and it’s 100% Working)
10. Please note that a password is a four-digit number.
All Airtel’s Subscribers will NOT be charged for PIN changes and inquiry SMSs, as well as failed Me2U transactions, but each successful transaction costs N10.00.
Do note that within 10 to 15 seconds, you that send the credit and the person you sent the Airtel credit would have received SMS confirmation to signify the end of the transaction.
Please note that all successful Airtel Transfer Credit/Airtime transactions are irreversible.
Any Airtel Airtime that has been once sent cannot be retrieved by the sender.
The amount of airtime which is transferred is deducted from the sender’s account only after the transaction has been successful.
Please note that the Cost SMS charge of N10 per transaction applies.
Also be aware that you can also prompt get other Airtel subscribers to send you airtime using the Credit Me service by dialling *141*8*recipient’s number#.
For Example: *141*8*08021234567#
The recipient will receive an SMS from your number which reads:
“Please Credit Me.
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