Hello, who isn’t on Facebook in this 21st century? I am yet to come across anyone who is not using this amazing social network to connect with friends around the world. Facebook is the #1 biggest social Network in the world, with a massive user of 1 Billion + and it’s still growing.

Airtel, always committed to providing her subscribers with the best and most affordable service, struck an awesome deal with Facebook, ensuring that all Airtel subscribers both in Nigeria, Malawi, Kenya, India, Tanzania, Bangladesh, etc can connect to Facebook for FREE! Yes, you read that correctly, you can now surf Facebook for free.

Facebook Flex is the newly introduced method, in which all subscribers can now use Facebook and is exclusive to Airtel, the Smartphone Network in Nigeria!

airtel facebook flex plan

With the brand new Facebook flex, You can and will be able to share, like, comment, chat and update Facebook for free with Free Mode OR, you can choose to switch to Data Mode to enjoy photos and videos. You can also go back to Free Mode whenever you want! It’s flexible and very easy to switch.

There is no need to change the tariff plan or anything, you can do it right there with the Mobile phone or Laptop, PC you used in connecting to the internet.

Features of Facebook Flex

1. You will browse Facebook for free.
2. You can chat with your friends for free,
3. There is no hidden or extra charges.
4. With 0.00 balance, the Facebook flex-free mode works perfectly fine with Facebook.5. You’ll be able to share, like, comment, chat and update your Facebook page/profile/wall.

With this newly introduced Facebook Flex, you choose when you want to use data. Like I said above, it is very easy to switch back and forth.

One of the biggest advances of Facebook Flex is that it gives you ample opportunity, to stay connected with your family and friends all the time, even with zero balance! AND after surfing Facebook for hours, you won’t be charged any extra credits.

Facebook Flex Free Mode:

With the free mode, you will be able to do the following listed below.

1. Chat with friends and family,
2. Comment on any post,
3. Like things you find interesting,
4. Share photos and videos,

Facebook Flex Data Mode

With the data mode, you will be able to do the following;

View photos and videos shared by your family and friends

How to Use Facebook Flex

Before you will be able to use this plan, please ensure that mobile data is turned on.
Then open your browser and visit the portal at www.facebook.com or better still, you can choose to open your Facebook Android app and start using this brand new free OPTION to start surfing the internet.

Airtel Facebook Flex Not Working?

Is this not working for you, or you’re not seeing the Facebook Flex on your phone? Don’t worry. Here is a solution for you. All you need to do is to go to your Facebook Menu or Bookmarks and click “Facebook Flex”.

I hope this works out for you?

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