Glo Nigeria is making waves, inspiring Nigerians to get easier access to the internet, by introducing affordable and cheap data plans. With the newest introduced Glo internet packages and bundles, you can now buy 6gig for 3,000 Naira and 12 gigs for just 5,000 Naira only!
There is no doubt that Globacom Nigeria is seriously taking customers from its competitors, like Etisalat, Airtel Nigeria, and MTN Nigeria, by providing the cheapest and most affordable data plans in Nigeria. According to an NCC report which was recently published, which showed that more internet users are moving from other network providers to Glo all because of the relatively cheap tariff Glo is providing for her users.
Globacom Nigeria recently launched its “virtual data supermart” internet packages and bundles, where glo users can exclusively choose from the range of affordable data plans, which suits their needs.
This data bundles are quite flexible and more importantly, affordable to all Nigerians, considering the fact that it’s cheaper than most data bundles offered by other networks. Although we can easily compare the Airtel Data plan of 9gig for N3,500.
However, from the virtual data mart, Glo users are given the opportunity of shopping directly from the mart.
They can easily purchase 1.5GB for data bundle for only ₦1,000,3GB for ₦2000, 6GB for ₦3000 and 9GB for ₦4,000. These listed plans all last for 30 days.

Glo Data Supermart: GLO DATA PLAN

Price  Gig  Validity Period
₦1,000  1.5 gigabytes  30 Days
₦2,000  3gig  30 days
₦2,500  4.5gig  30 Days
₦3,000  6gig  30 Days
₦4,000  9gig  30 Days
₦5,000  12gig  30 Days
₦8,000  24gig  30 Days

The Glo supermart also provides affordable weekly plans and data booster offers. With an active subscription, users won’t be afraid of running out of data bundle within the expiry period. With the Data booster offers, you don’t necessarily need to renew your data plan.
While for the daily and weekly subscriptions, ₦500 will get users additional 300MB while monthly subscribers will be able to top-up 1GB for the same ₦500. It also comes down to which ones suit you the most.
While for the weekend surfers, a new plan called “Thank Glo It’s Friday” gives users 3GB for just ₦500. A special night plan also gives users 1GB for only ₦200. BUT it’s just a weekend plan!
We have also confirmed that this data plans works on all smartphones and modems.

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