If you have ever seen a Nokia Ngage Game, you’ll certainly know that playing one will certainly be Compared to Playing a PS2 or Xbox.
Nokia Ngage is a mobile phone which is specifically produced for game playing.
The Nokia Ngage games are 3D and 90% games are very interesting and breath taking.
Important Notice- Red Warning:
Please note that if you know you do not want to be a Game Addict, Please don’t read or work out this Tutorial on how to play the Nokia Ngage game on Nokia Mobile Symbian Phone, You should note that Ngage games are really addictive, if you are playing Playstation games.
However, the sad news is that Nokia Ngage Game doesn’t play on all nokia phones.
Because all Former Nokia Phones were not manufactured with this interesting feature.

Be happy and shout for Joy, because there is a chance for S60v3 Nokia Symbian Phones and S60v5 to get the Nokia Ngage Game feature on their Mobile phone.
All you need to play this awesome Game on Your Mobile Phone is just the ngage installer application.
However, this tutorial can only work on nokia mobile phones that has been h@cked.
So you must have h@cked your Nokia S60v3 or S60v5 to get the Ngage Installer Application features on Your Mobile phone.
How To Download, Install And Play Nokia Ngage Game On Nokia S60v3 and S60v5.
Step 1.
You are to Download ngage installer for your phone operating system version i.e S60v3 or S60v5 e.t.c.
Just go to Google.com and search for Your Nokia Mobile Phone Version, e.g
“Ngage Installer For S60v3”
“Ngage Installer For S60v5″.
Or Any of Your Phone version.
Step 2.
Then download and install the application on your phone memory(recommended) or Your Memory Card.
Step 3.
You are to wait until all the components have been successfully installed on your Nokia Mobile phone.
This requires you to select which memory to install it, then click continue during the installation process.
step 4.
After you have successfully installed the application on your mobile phone, Now download any ngage games of your choice and move it into ngage folder on your phone memory or memory card.
Then go to Google.com and in the Search Box, typed: Where to Download Ngage Games”.
Important Note:
Be aware that the Ngage Game file must be in a .ngage format or you are to extract it if it is in a .zip format.
Step 5.
After that, Just launch the ngage installer application and install the downloaded Ngage Game into your phone memory or memory card.
Step 6.
Wait, is there a step 6??
Yes there is!.
Now you can now enjoy your Nokia Ngage games on your Mobile Nokia Symbian Phones For FREE.
Important Notice:
Most a times, the Ngage Game installer might not work if Your Patches are Able.
So you are disable all patches if you have rompatcher on your phone. If not disabled, because if not disabled, the game will not run well.
ENJOY! and don’t forget to share with Your Friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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