Most times, when going through applications in My Mobile Phone, i just wish i had an application that could give me the pleasure of editing video’s to my taste!.
Well, Good News for You and Me, as a video editor software has been created and could be DOWNLOAD FREE for your symbian s60v3 and s60v5 mobile phone.
This Mobile Video Editor Application Works like the software in PC, which is called windows movie maker.
This Mobile Video Editor can edit your video just like pc software, note that this Software is a very powerful software on Your Symbian Phone.
Note that symbian user who love editing Videos would really tripped for this Mobile Video Editing software.
1. It gives you the ability to cut any video to your desired length.
2. It gives you the ability to insert sound clip (mp3, amr,etc.)
3. Live Dubbing.
4. You can also removing sound clip from any video you used to.
5. You can also Dubb any Audio.
6. Even after editing, you can preview the Video before saving it.
7. Note that you are given the choice, in which the Video can be saved.
You can choose CIF, QVGA or
QCIF formats.

1. You can add any image of your choice to the Video.
2. You can insert audio in the image video you’re editing.
3. You can also transit images into fade, pan, oval, circle, blind, checker, board, dissolve , split, wheel, diamond, uncover, bow and you can choose all of them by choosing random.
4. You can even change the duration of the video and set it to 2 seconds, 4 seconds or whatever you want.
5. You can even moved images and to give them particular order to show in the video.
6. You can also insert text clip into the video.
7. There are many background colour for text clip on the video.
8. You can even choose or selected Text color of your choice.
9. You can also select Font size and style there are many effects you can add like sepia, blue, green etc.

This Is really a wonderful Mobile Video Editor, i bet you’ll love to download it?
Here’s the Download Link
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