Can You Believe This?
You Can Now Download Mozilla FireFox 16, Excuse Me?
Yes I Mean FireFox 16 Browser On Your Laptop Or Pc!.
You and i know that Mozilla has not yet officially released the Mozilla FireFox 16 Version, But impatient has got the better side of me as i just search endlessly for a mean to have a taste of the Latest Firefox 16 Version.

This Isn’t the Beta Version.

Because while Mozilla Firefox Corporation are still preparing to officially announce the release of Firefox 16, Most Of Our Readers, likewise Us too, can’t just wait to use and have a taste of Firefox 16.

You can now download Firefox 16 for the following Brands.
1. Windows.
2. Mac.
3. Linus computer.

Do You know as at the time of publishing this article, FIREFOX 16 has not officially being released, but to download Firefox 16.0, just click on the link below.

How To Download Mozilla FireFox 16.0

Step 1.

Step 2.
Please Note that when the above page loads up, you have to select your computer’s OS and preferred Firefox language.

Important Notice:
Please Note That Firefox 16 is not yet available for mobile devices as at the time of publishing this article.

firefox 16.0,, download mozilla firefox 16
TechOpera On Mozilla FireFox 16.0

But to get the official MOZILLA FIREFOX 16.0 release, you have to be up to date and visit the Mozilla firefox official website @

Mozilla Firefox will give out the official announcement(and produce the link for downloading Mozilla Firefox 16.0.

Till then, do stay tuned with TechOpera Team for more information and updates on Firefox 16 and Firefox Latest Developments.

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