When i saw this Tutorial on How To Play Nintendo Games On China Phones, including Tech Mobile Phones, i was really impressed, and when i tried it, Gracious Me, It Was WORKING!.

So i decide to give you the step by step guideline on how to download, install and Play Nintendo Mobile Games On Any China Mobile Phone For FREE.
This is a Short Tutorial App Review which was specially Created for China Phones to do incredible things which Normal Original Phones Can Do.
For all China Mobile Phone Users, You Can Play More Beautiful And Creative Games compared to what Symbian/Java Phones are Playing.
99% Of My Readers Will never believe that Nintendo Game could actually work on a Techno phone or a chinese mobile phone.
But be rest assured, with this simple guidelines below, you can play The Nes Game On Any Techno Mobile Phones Or Other China Mobile Phones For FREE!.

Guidelines On How To Download, Install And Play Nintendo (NES) Games On All China Phones.

Please Note that we are sharing with you, the step by step procedures, tips and tutorial on how to install games on your china phones.

Step 1.
Go to Your memory card Section, then go to Games Folder, While in Some Other Phones, it Might be GAME folder.
But if such folder never exist on your Memory Card, then you are to Create the GAMES Folder Yourself.

Step 2.
Then Copy *.nes Games in GAMES Folder.

Step 3.
After doing that, go to the Fun and Games Folder, go to GAMES Folder or EMUD GAME Folder.
In There, there Will Be Your Games Available.
Most China Mobile have no Refresh Option in the GAMES/EMUD Folder. So don’t Worry, just Open the EMUD GAME or GAMES there you can see all your Games.
But First, You Are To Download The NES GAME.

To download the Nintendo Game into your china phone, note that the game format will be in a .nes format.
To download the Nintendo game now, go to the following links below:


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