Searching for the best method on how to add airtel numbers on Airtel Family and Friend plan? You can use this guide to achieve this in no time. The Airtel family and friend plan is one of the best tariff plans.
The airtel family and friend tariff packages is packed with lots of goodies and bonuses that are too numerous to mention. However, before anything else, I’ll recommend you try reading through these ones.

This tariff gives users who are in the plan, the ability to add five (5) airtel numbers as their family and friends to enjoy special discounts when calling all day long. The main purpose of this Tariff plan is to add the 5 numbers you usually call, and you’ll be billed lesser than others. You can add your family members, loved ones, friends, business associates and colleagues you usually call to enjoy the bonuses attached to this tariff.
Do you want to check your airtel data balance? this guide provides you with the easiest methods of achieving this.

How to Migrate to Airtel FAF Tariff.

Many Nigerians are still confused and searching if there is any special Airtel tariff plan that one must migrate to, before they can enjoy the benefits of using Family and friends. The good news is that there is absolutely no need to migrate to any special Tariff plan.
Just use the guide below to add numbers to your FAF list and you can immediately start enjoying these goodies.

How to Add Numbers On the Airtel Family and Friends.

Before adding friends, it’s important you know that the Airtel FAF is NOT a Tariff plan.

  1. Dial *311*2*phone number# and send. In *phone number#, please replace it with the number you want to add to your Airtel family & Friends list.
  2. Please take note that you can ONLY add airtel numbers.
  3. After dialing the above USSD, you will be required to confirm the phone numbers you want to add.
  4. You can only add a maximum of 5 airtel numbers to this tariff package.

Cost of adding Numbers to this Tariff.

If this is your first time adding airtel numbers to this tariff plan, it’s 100% free, which means your balance will not be touched. However, if you want to remove a number or replace a number from this list, you’ll be required to pay fifty Naira (N50) per number.

Airtel Family and Friends Call rates

Here is how this package works. From 6 am to 9:59 pm,  you will be charged 25kobo per Seconds to call any of the numbers you added to the list of Family & friends. But if you start making calls from 10 pm to 5:59 am, you will be charged 21k per second.

How can I check my Airtel family and friends’ balance?

Checking your Airtel’s FAF list is easy. To quickly check your Family and Friends list, you’re to dial this USSD *311*4#. Take note that these details are correct and working. The previous shortcodes for Airtel Family and Friends are no longer functional.

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