For Blackberry users, it’s almost like a new introduction added, capturing screen shots.
Since most BB users do not know how to capture screenshots of their Blackberry Smartphones.
Today, I will be showing you, a simple method on how to capture screenshots of any activity on your blackberry phone.
You can choose to upload it to facebook or twitter, but I guess that’s your problem, right? and I should not be poking my nose where’s not to be.
How To Capture Screenshots on Blackberry Smartphones
All you need to capture screenshots of your Blackberry screen is an Application which is known as CaptureIt.
Wait for a second, I forgot to add that this applies to the Top Best 10 Must-Have Blackberry Application For Everyone.
This is a very simple tutorial and you’ll be through within seconds.
How To Capture Screenshots with Blackberry
After you must have downloaded and installed the CaptureIt App, do this.
Go to Home → Options → Screen Keyboard.
When you’ve done that, you’ll need to assign a convenience key to the Capture It application, so that when you’re viewing any stuff on your Blackberry phone and wish to have an image of it, simply Press the Key you assigned for the screenshot. It automatically gets captured and saved to your download files.

Important Notice

Please note that you can also capture screenshots by pressing options, then you can select Capture It.
But I think assigning a key is the best and simplest.
You can also download the CAPTURE IT application by CLICKING HERE

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