I was clueless for more than 2 months on how to check my airtel data plan or remaining MB, simply because airtel keeps changing the code for checking our data plan, and using the old codes will always show you, that you have 0.00MB left, even if you just purchased an Airtel Data plan.

New code to check airtel data plan

So many people, including me have also been having serious issues checking our data balance on Airtel, and yes! just in case you’re not aware, Airtel has once again, changed the code. The new code to check airtel data plan balance is now available.
Please take note that the new code which you can now use in checking your Airtel Data Plan is: *223#

airtel data balance

Here is how to check your airtel data balance

How To Check Your Data Balance On Airtel Network

It is very easier to check your data balance on Airtel, simply dial *140# on your Airtel number and wait for an SMS, which will give you information about your Data, bonus data bundles, and expiration date.
In the SMS that will be sent to you, you get to see the remaining MB and also when the data plan will expire. However, once you dialed *140 and you did not receive any SMS, it may be due to Network failure. Just try it again.
Alternatively, you can dial *141#, select “6” and send. You’ll receive your data balance and full details of your data plan as well.
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Airtel Data Balance Important Points

Before checking your Airtel data balance, there are certain crucial points you need to know. One important point for you to remember, is that your bundle rate is 1 Kobo per 1 Kb from 10PM to 6 AM, then you will be charged with 1.5 Kobo per 1 KB from 6 AM in the morning to 10 PM in the night hours. For those who want to browse the internet without any Airtel bundle, then you should be ready to give 5 Kobo per 1 KB.

Airtel Rollover Possible?

Another crucial information you need, is about the Airtel Rollover. It is impossible for you to roll over the remaining airtel data balance for your next Android data subscription. However, you can subscribe before the expiration date of your current data plan, and it will add more data to your current data balance. Thereby rolling over the remaining data to the next month.
Do take note that your airtel android data plan may be used for devices with no Android Operating system. It`s the same as you use your Airtel BIS. Another important thing should remember, is that the Airtel APN is always the same.
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