For quite sometimes now, i noticed that i have been writing much articles on WhatsApp, articles like:

However, we would also love to share with you today, the latest method on how to download or install WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 200.
Are you aware that, you can also use this method to download or install whatsApp on any phone which is not supported by whatsApp?
Disclaimer: Please note that i have not yet tried out this method on any Nokia Asha 200 Model.
However, from comments we have been receiving in our facebook fanpage, users have comment that it s working and yep, they did shower us some praises, so we decided to share the full method here.
download whatsapp on unsupported phones
Simple Guidelines on How To Download WhatsApp on Nokia Asha 200.
Step 1. Just click on the link below to download the Nokia Asha WhatsApp version.
Step 2. Click here to download the file.
Step 3. When you have successfully download the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone, just open the file and run it.
Step 4. When you have successfully installed it, make sure that you add your valid mobile phone number, because you will receive an SMS or Call from WhatsApp to verify your account.
Step 5. When you have receive the SMS or call, just insert the number given to you by WhatsApp in the box of your whatsapp chat messenger and yes!, you are ready to go.
Step 6: Start chatting or WhatsApp’ing on your Nokia Asha phone.
Please do not forget to share with us here, your experience, if it is working or not.
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