We won’t deny the fact that the Apple iPhone is cool and one of the best cutting edge technology of today, but like every other application, they have their limitation, including on storage and space.
Here on Techopera, I want to share with you, one of the easiest methods, you can use to frees up space on your iPhone WITHOUT having to delete photos, music or apps. Yes, this works.
1. One of the first steps to take is to visit the iTunes store and search for a film with a large file size to rent, you should be aware that the film must be bigger than the amount of space left on your device. However, if the amount of space left on your device is bigger than the film, you may be charged for the film.
When you’ve seen a movie that is bigger than the amount of space on your device, Click ‘Rent’ and a prompt will appear saying there is not enough storage.
Now, all you have to do is to hit Settings when prompted and you will see your storage has increased. Just in case this sounds strange.
Below is a step by step procedures on how to do this, with pictures attached.
It is confirmed that Apple has been gradually increasing the amount of storage built into its devices over the past years, but without the option to add an SD Memory card, once you’ve used up the given space on your Apple phone, you’re out of storage and can do nothing about it anymore.
But there is hope, and thankfully, the tips on adding more storage space on your device are free and working. There is an easy way to free up space on the handsets and tablets without having to delete photos or uninstall apps as was the only viable options back then.
This trick was first discovered by a Reddit user and works by forcing the phone to ‘spring clean’ itself, which is why Apple’s iPhone is well loved.
Here is how he did it.
‘This all started, because I have an iPhone with 16GB, so as you can guess, I’m always dealing with low storage issues,’.
‘However, a simple trick I do always use to get back some storage on my iPhone, is to try to ‘rent’ a movie with a big file size.’
Now, the movie I usually try renting are these two,
Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers.

How to Check iPhone Current Storage Space

iPhone Users can check their mobile phone current used and available storage space by going to Settings, General and Storage and iCloud Usage.
So for this trick to work effectively, the user is required to attempts and rent films from iTunes, and the films must be larger than the amount of storage left on the iPhone or iPad.
Please take note that this ONLY works if the movie you are to rent in the iTunes store, has is larger than the free available storage space on the phone.
HOW To Free More Storage Space in Your iPhone and iPad

HOW To Free More Storage Space in Your iPhone and iPad

1. You are required to visit the iTunes store and search for a long film, like Games of Thrones.
2. Importantly, any film you are to rent, which will enable you to free up some space on your Apple device, should be bigger than the amount of space left on your device. If it’s not, you may be charged for the film and this trick might not work.
3. When you see a movie which is bigger than your available free storage space, proceed and click ‘Rent’ and a prompt will appear saying there is not enough storage left to rent the selection.
4. When you’ve done this, there will be a choice of tapping OK or Settings.
Your next step is to Hit the settings, doing this will take the iPhone user to the Settings menu, where the amount of storage available on the device will have increased.
Once again, take note that you do not need to pay to rent the film via iTunes, as the lack of space will prevent the movie from been rent, so this is a win-win case.

Reason Why Your Apple iPhone will Spring Clean itself

One of the major reason why the win-win can spring clean itself is that to try to make room for the movie you were about to rent via iTunes, the iPhone cleans installed apps to remove data, cookies, and histories that are no longer needed.
This is one addon from apple that is actually clever and cool. While trying this on my device, to my surprise, I discovered that I just went from 900 MB to 5 GB free space’
The most amazing thing about this, is that no matter how much iTunes tried in cleaning up my iPhone to create more space, I have never gotten this far!
My advice to you is that for you to free up more spaces, try renting the same movie multiple times.

The Secrets To Freeing Multiple Storage Space on iPhone

What I actually discovered, is that when the ‘Cannot Download’ prompt comes up on your screen, please try not to touch it for a while.
Take note that the clean-up process seems to run until you hit OK or Settings.
Wishing you the very Best, and don’t forget to share this information with your friends! It’s cool to share helpful tips like this.

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