In the past two weeks, we have recieved several mails and questions from our wonderful readers on questions on how to boost their 2go stars quickly and become a master within one month.
We Want To Inform You That it is very possible to increase your 2go star, from being a Novice To Master Within a month.
And What is next? the price for the 2go Star Booster Application Is Free!.
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This is just a small tips and tutorials on how you can single handely and cautiously increase your 2go star and within a short period of time, you will become a Master.
And you know, being a Master in 2go gives you Access To Several things, other stars can.

How To Increase 2Go Star And Become A Master In 2Go

Important Notice:
Please be informed that this the 2go star booster application works only on the Etisalat network or Glo Network.
Also ensure that you don not have any Active Bundle or Airtime on your Mobile Phone Simcard, because it wouldn’t work for you.

Note that the Tweak with This Free 2go star Booster Application For Java Phones And Symbian Phones is that, if you have Airtime or You’re on a Data Bundle with either Glo or Etisalat, You will be Logged in Normally but if you don’t have any airtime or data bundle on your simcard, It will just be connecting and Disconnecting, Leaving you partially Online and Offline, confusing 2go and the more confuse 2go gets, the higher your star rating will increase.

Step 1.
Firstly, you must download the 4-in-1 2go Star Booster Application by clicking on the link below.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE 2go Star Booster Application.
Please Note that this is a modified Application that Contain More Than Four (4) 2go Applications!.

Step 2.
Note that after downloading the 2go star booster free application for mobile phones.
Log in to the 2go Account you want to boost the star to master.
Make sure that you log in on the 4 Different 2go Applications in.
You can use the * button to Minimize 1 for the Other, After that you will see Logging In or Starting 2go, make sure that you leave it like that.

Step 3.
Just repeat the Above Steps by step guidelines above for up to four Hours per day.
Keep on doing this step by step guidelines for Seven Days and you will be Surprise where your 2go Star will reach.

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